Summer Learning: Online Courses and Workshops to Try

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Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend time on online courses that are highly beneficial for personal growth and career advancement. Learning new skills and acquiring additional knowledge contributes to personal growth and personal development. It enhances your overall intellectual abilities and helps you to become a more well-rounded person this summer, rather than wasting your days away being a couch potato. It will also help you to increase your chances at getting your dream career. It demonstrates your commitment to continuously learning, even during vacation, which can help you stand out to prospective employers and increase your chances of overall career advancement. So what sorts of websites and workshops can you try out this summer?



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Coursera is a very versatile platform that you can use for many different things. You can take courses to improve career skills, which you can list on your resume after completion. Consider courses such as programming languages, data analysis, graphic designing, business management, or any other skill that would be helpful for essentially every career in America. You can explore further courses that align with the career pathway you are on. Then, simply sign up for these courses that offer certifications recognized by employers to list throughout your resume. Similarly, if this is the pivotal summer before you start undergrad or a masters program, you can always get a head start and look for programs that will provide you with a basic foundation of information you’ll learn in the next few years. Why not stay one step ahead of your peers? 



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Udemy is a popular online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses on multiple subjects. Some people like to use it to learn different programming skills, web development, graphic design, photography and video editing, digital marketing, and so much more. Courses on udemy can also help you to advance your career as well as professional growth. There are dozens of courses on leadership, project management, public speaking, and other areas of business development that anyone can use to further their careers. If you have no interest in furthering your educational or career-based skills this summer, then you can even find different courses and programs that can enrich your own personal life and personal hobbies. You can explore courses based around cooking, painting, fitness, finances, writing, drawing, and more. You can even use Udemy to learn new languages!



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For those that are a bit more tech savvy, check out Code Academy. It’s a platform that focuses primarily on teaching programming and overall coding skills. You can learn different programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML,  and more! You are provided hands-on learning experience where you can learn your own code, practice writing it directly into your browser, and receive immediate feedback from the work you do. You can practice through courses of web development and learn to build websites to create even more advanced web development projects and assignments. Code Academy also provides multiple courses that cover topics such as data science, data analysis, and data visualization. With these courses, you are able to learn about different popular data science tools that you can use in your career, whether it is computer science based or not. The best part is that even if you are completely new to coding and computer science, there are fundamental courses for beginners as well. Start small and work your way up!



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Masterclass allows you to learn from world-class experts who are masters in their fields, hence the name. You can learn and access classes taught by very famous individuals that we all know, such as Serena Williams, Martin Scorsese, Annie Leibovitz, and Gordon Ramsey. This website can offer you a source of inspiration and motivation through the tried and true experiences of these accomplished individuals. You can hear their stories and how they accomplished what they did, allowing you to gain further insight into any hobby or passion project you want to pursue!

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