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Top 10 Most Common Crimes in the USA

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When we think about countries with a lot of criminal activity, we tend to think of war-torn countries with unruly governments and unstable economies.

However, the Western world also has its fair share of crime, and the United States is no exception. According to statistics from the Global Peace Index collected in 2021, the United States ranked 117th on the list of safe countries.

While some crimes are more serious than others, there are some common crimes in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Keep reading to learn the 10 most common crimes and what to do if you’ve been convicted of one of these crimes.

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1. Property Crime

One of the most popular crimes in the United States is property crime. While there are several types of crime that fall under this category, this is the umbrella under which most crimes are committed.

Property crime can consist of theft and destruction of property without the use of force or threat against a victim.

2. Theft and Larceny

Any law enforcement entity will tell you that theft is one of the most common crimes committed in the United States.

In 2020, cases of theft and larceny accounted for 60% of all crimes committed in the country. With 4.6 million cases in that year alone, this crime is by far the most common in America.

Theft and larceny include stealing from a store, stealing from an employee, stealing from a house during a function, or pick-pocketing. Sentencing for theft can lead to up to seven years of jail time.

3. Burglary

Another one of the most frequently committed crimes is burglary.

This includes trespassing on private property with the intention to steal. It also incorporated the intention of inflicting damage on the property or bodily harm to a person.

Burglary can occur at someone’s residence, a boat, a vehicle, or any private property. The maximum sentencing for burglary is up to ten years.

4. Vehicle Theft

Motor vehicle theft is also a common crime in the country. If you don’t lock your car or have a secure alarm system, your car is at risk of being stolen.

Additionally, it is also safer to avoid leaving valuable items inside of your car and parking your car out of sight.

If you need legal information on a motor vehicle theft charge, contact the experts at Hanlon Law and get the help that you need to fight your case.

5. Aggravated Assault or Violent Crime

Sadly, another commonly committed crime involves violence. Aggravated assault includes causing bodily harm and serious injury to another person. The severity can range from risking someone’s life, using a weapon, or using the internet to cause serious injury.

In the United States, violent crimes account for 7% of crimes reported in the country.

6. Robbery

Robbery is one of the top 10 crimes in the United States. This is not a crime such as theft that does not include violence. Robbery generally includes violence because it is performed on a person or in a place involving a victim.

This can be robbing a grocery store, being mugged on the street, or sticking up a convenience store clerk. It involves the use of force in order to get the money or items needed.

It is a more serious crime than theft because of the violent aspect. For that reason, robbery has a maximum sentence of life.

7. Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is unfortunately another common crime in America. While there are different definitions, here are some crimes that are considered sexual assault:

  • Rape or intercourse without consent
  • Anal or oral sex against one’s will
  • Marital rape
  • Nonconsensual touching
  • Using an object to force penetration on someone
  • Sexual contact with an underage person
  • Child pornography possession
  • Incest
  • Sexual harassment

These are some of the crimes that are considered sexual assault. There are many other acts that are considered sexual assault crimes.

8. Murder

No crime garners more national attention than crimes involving murder or non-negligent manslaughter.

While manslaughter indicates that there was no intention of killing, only the result of an accident, murder is thought-out and intentional.

In the United States, the murder rate in 2018 was 5 per 100,000. That means there were over 15,000 murders in that year alone.

9. Drug Possession

Possession of illegal drugs is common among many states in America. This includes cocaine, meth, heroin, and other illegal narcotics.

According to statistics, in 2007 alone, there were over 1.8 million arrests made for crimes related to drug possession.

10. Driving Under the Influence

If you’re a fully licensed driver over the age of 21, your blood alcohol concentration must be lower than 0.08% to be considered legally safe to drive. If you’ve been drinking or taking drugs and your blood alcohol level is higher, it is considered illegal.

Driving while intoxicated is a commonly committed crime in the United States. There are a variety of penalties if you get caught with a DUI. You could serve jail time and you can have your license revoked.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, get the help you need from the trusted legal experts at Hanlon Law.

Getting the Right Representation for Common Crimes in the United States

There are several common crimes in the United States that are committed more than others. Getting charged with any of these crimes can mean heavy punishment if you don’t have the right legal representation.

If you’ve been charged with property crime, theft, burglary, violent or sexual assault, robbery, or driving under the influence, getting legal help could save your future.

Visit our website and contact the Hanlon Law office for assertive and professional legal help.

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