The Best Legal Advice for Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Hanlon Bradenton May 22 2024

Are you looking to get out of a toxic relationship that includes domestic violence? Do you fear that your physical well-being, or even your life, is in danger? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about legal advice for victims of domestic violence.

We assure you one thing: you’re not alone. Tragically, there are almost 20 people every minute of the day that is physically abused by their significant other. Don’t be a member of this statistic any longer.

See below for an in-depth guide providing the best tips for domestic violence victims.

1. Know the Signs

Denial is commonplace in violent relationships. Since this isn’t a topic that people are open about, most victims believe themselves to be alone. A majority of them don’t realize that their situation constitutes domestic abuse.

For that reason, you should first make yourself aware of the signs. If you notice a trend, then you need to take immediate action to remove yourself from this relationship.

The first sign is any verbal abuse you might be experiencing. This can be things like threatening your safety (or even your life), constantly directing vulgar expressions at you, or shaming you for any reason. Healthy relationships don’t include any of these, so take it as an immediate sign that you need a fresh start.

The second sign is any level of violence. If your partner harms you in any way—be it through slapping, pinching, punching, or pushing—you have grounds for a domestic violence case.

Don’t be fooled by the tricks your partner may play. They might try to convince you that these circumstances are normal or “accidents”; mistake or not, you deserve to be treated with respect.

Don’t allow yourself to play tricks either. If you find yourself trying to overlook the situation or rationalize it, recognize that this is a form of denial. Don’t ignore the signs.

2. Acknowledge Your Situation

Once you know what the signs are and see them play out in your relationship, there’s only one thing you can do: acknowledge it.

It’s important to know that this isn’t your fault. No matter what excuses your partner may make or how much they might try to pin it on you, they’re lying. They’re trying to cover their tracks.

Perhaps the most common form of rationalization is when victims try to convince themselves that it was “only a one-time thing”. Even one occurrence of domestic violence is inexcusable. If your partner lost their head one time, they can (and likely will) do it again.

For those of you that have seen a loved one be the victim of domestic violence, don’t brush it aside. If you’ve witnessed it, then it’s safe to assume that wasn’t the first time. Report the incident as soon as it happens so that your loved one gets the help they need.

If you’re the victim, then acknowledge the situation but don’t accept it. It’s time to take steps to ensure this never happens again!

3. Reach Out for Help

Unfortunately, most victims feel alone in this situation. They feel as if there isn’t anyone that they can talk to for help. But here’s the truth: there are many different places you can turn to for help.

First, if you’re near a loved one or friend, tell them right away. If you’re in a situation where you fear your partner might overhear/oversee your cry for help, a loved one can get things in motion.

Second, reach out for guidance from a domestic abuse professional. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline anytime at 800-799-SAFE; it’s entirely free. They’ll help you find shelter no matter where you are.

Be sure to reach out to a trusted domestic violence attorney as well. They can help you request a legal order of protection from state courts. This order of protection prohibits your partner from ever coming near you again.

An attorney can help you navigate the entire process. We’ll give you concrete steps to follow so that you’re protected, confident, and ready to close the book on this chapter of life.

4. Leave Your Partner

To make sure that you’re safe, you should always have a plan of action. Start by thinking about all of the people/things you need to protect. Do you have children you need to protect? Are there loved ones you need to protect in the event that your partner goes looking for you?

Pack your bags with everything essential. Grab enough clothes and as much cash as you can find. Grab all personal documentation (birth certificates, passports, etc.) and car keys. Pack light if you think it will avoid suspicion.

Call 911 as soon as you’re ready to leave. Once you call to report a domestic violence incident, you cannot drop the charges. The officer will take over the situation and arrest your partner if they feel they have enough evidence to support it. You’ll want to be in a safe, sheltered location to ensure you’re out of harm’s way regardless of what happens.

5. Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer

After you’re in a safe place, it’s time to get legal protection. You need to use the domestic violence injunction process to guarantee long-term safety.

Give us a call and fill us in on your situation; we can help you fight against the criminal and civil sides of your case. The process can have its challenges, so you’ll want our help to fight it.

The injunction will protect you until there is a full hearing on the matter. We’ll build your case to ensure you’re protected from your partner.

Victims of Domestic Violence: Find Legal Help

Now that you have seen important legal advice for victims of domestic violence, be sure to use this information to take action. Take the time to read this page and learn more about the domestic violence injunction process in Bradenton, FL. To get started, call us anytime at 941-253-0254 and we will be happy to assist you further.

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