Industry Worries: How Personal Injury Lawsuits Affect America’s Largest Industries

Industry Worries How Personal Injury Lawsuits Affect Americas Largest Industries July 23 2024

The United States has been long-regarded as one of the world’s superpowers. The strength of its military, population, and flourishing economy all contribute to its status as a global leader, but the might of our industry is not without flaw. In 2020, 4.9 million employees filed workman’s compensation claims, and over 5,000 fatalities occurred. Some industries, however, feel the burden of unsafe work much more heavily than others.

Here are seven American business sectors most likely to experience disproportionately high personal injury claims:

  1. Construction: the construction industry ranks among the most dangerous employment enterprises. In 2022, construction workers experienced 1,069 fatal injuries, the highest of any other sector. Construction is dangerous for a myriad of reasons, and despite increased workplace safety standards, the physical nature of construction work consistently leads to on-site accidents.
  2. Logging and forestry: logging carries a unique set of risks compared to other professions on this list. Loggers and foresters may work in physically isolated locations and can experience injury due to the massive power of falling trees, branches, and other natural causes such as landslides. Dysfunctional tools,  however, also pose a threat to foresters. Many loggers are injured by the inhalation of fine wood dust or accidents with chainsaws or other equipment. 
  3. Roofing: roof installation and maintenance is dangerous for obvious reasons. A worker is at increased risk of suffering fatal falls when working on surfaces often several stories high, and inclement weather only exacerbates this risk. The fatal work injury rate for roofers is 57.5 per 100,000 equivalent workers, placing it among the most dangerous professions than an American can hold. 
  4. Fishing and hunting: although most of the meat consumed by the average U.S. citizen comes from farmers rather than hunters, a small percentage of people provide for themselves and their loved ones by hunting. Venison and waterfowl are among the most popular game to hunt, but the nature of using a firearm results in natural risk when hunting with a companion. Furthermore, natural causes such as inclement weather or injuries resulting from navigating rough terrain place hunting among the most dangerous professions. Fishing, too, involves intense physical labor in a difficult setting. Fishermen have the unique challenge of managing their safety while at sea, where risk of drowning is great. 
  5. Aircraft: pilots stand out among many of the other professionals on this list by the nature of their injuries. Pilots are far less likely to experience fatal injury, but are at increased risk of sleep disorders, mental health issues, and muscular and skeletal injury, and fatigue. The long work hours and night shifts can impact pilots in ways very different but equally troubling as any other risk named so far. Airline workers responsible for handling luggage, on the other hand, may experience  more typical for workers in a physically demanding job. Moving heavy objects, often under time pressure, places a worker at risk of sustaining bodily harm. 
  6. Mining: the mining industry has received criticism recently for inhumane working conditions overseas. Before workplace reforms, mining closer to home was equally as dangerous. Miners are at risk of suffering diseases or injuries caused by ingestion of harmful pollutants in the air, bodily strain due to the intense physical nature of a worker’s role, and (more rarely) freak accidents such as a mine collapsing.
  7. Trucking and transportation: similarly to the daily life of a pilot, truckers are likely to experience strain caused by long hours of sitting and operating machinery. Roadways, however, are markedly more dangerous than airspace. While pilots shoulder the risk of experiencing a freak accident such as plane malfunctions or terror attacks, driving is much more likely to result in injury or death on a day-to-day basis. Roadway accidents are among the leading causes of death for the average American, and adding in an additional factor of the increased mass of a semi-truck hauling cargo sheds light on how much risk a trucker undertakes.

If you or a loved one has experienced a workplace injury or fatality, there are options for getting back on your feet. Consider speaking to a personal injury attorney to find out if you are entitled to compensation for loss of income, physical or emotional distress, and any medical expenses incurred as a result of your workplace injury.

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