Application Factory, Inc.

Application Factory, Inc.
BEAUMONT, Texas 77707-3618
(409) 813-1303
Since 2008, DangerTags Lockout/Tagout Automation software has been generating substantial interest with operators, maintenance managers, turnaround planners and HSE managers at oil and chemical companies, many of which are OSHA VPP sites.
DangerTags retrieves energy isolation lists with just a few clicks and quickly prints the lists and any associated tags such as LOTO, Blind, Energy Verification, Line Break or any others required by your corporate safety policy. These lists and tags can be customized to reflect your existing formats and policy requirements.
This is a great product offering technologically enhanced safety processes, cost savings and OSHA compliance for both turnarounds and routine maintenance. Visit dangertags.com to see an overview of the benefits DangerTags offers and schedule an online demonstration at your convenience.
Contact us today by phone 800-839-1645 or email info@applicationfactory.com
We look forward to bringing cost-saving efficiencies to your LOTO process.

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