Top 3 UGA Bulldogs Plays of the Week: UGA vs. Vanderbilt

ATHENS, Georgia  – UGA reigns supreme. The infamous 2021 UGA football team has finally returned at long last. Last season we hung 62 points on Vanderbuilt and this Saturday we scored 55. To make the win even sweeter, Tennessee knocked off Alabama that very evening, and let’s be honest, any day the Dawgs win and Bama loses is a great day. So let’s count down the top 3 plays of the week. 

The Countdown Begins

I’d like to call the first quarter of the game “The Kenny Mcintosh Show.” He scored not only the first touchdown of the game but also the second. He scored once on the ground and the second through the air. Mcintosh averaged a nice 4.8 yards per carry and had the Dawgs up 14-0 through the end of one. Surprisingly, neither of his two touchdowns merit being a top three play of the week, and that is not an insult to Mcintosh but rather a testament to how well Georgia played overall this week. Therefore this week’s 3rd best UGA play belongs to:

Brock Bowers

The best tight end in College Football has been relatively quiet since his game in South Carolina where he exploded for three touchdowns and almost 200 yards from scrimmage. Of course Bowers shouldn’t be expected to play like that every game, but he has not led the team in receiving yards in any of the last three games. However, this is not to say that Bowers isn’t making an impact on the games. 

Teams scheme to take away opposing team’s best players and make other players beat them, and Bowers is getting that star player treatment. Still, he made an impressive catch early in this game in the midst of double coverage. Even the announcer was shocked that Brock made this catch. The defender was draped over him, and yet he still made the catch and put UGA inside the 10 leading to a Kenny Mcintosh score on the very next play. 

[Photo Credit: ESPN]
Week 7: Brock Bowers makes improbable catch

In the first game of the season, UGA beat Oregon 49-3, and in that game Darnell, Washington had a hurdle over an Oregon defender. Since then Brock Bowers has had two career games and made superhuman play after superhuman play. However, our 2nd string tight end, Washington, can also make plays and that is why UGA has the deepest tight end room in the country and nd that is who the 2nd best UGA play of the week belongs to:

Darnell Washington

Darnell has the best in the business showing him the ropes. Being under the tutelage of Brock Bowers would certainly help any player. In this game, Washington reels in an impressive one-handed catch. Then he tacks on roughly 20 yards after the catch by turning on the after-burners. UGA tight ends have both speed and size, and it is truly a sight to behold watching Brock and Darnell in the open field. 

[Photo Credit: ESPN]
Week 7: Washington makes touch catch and run for 30 yards

It was the Kenny Mcintosh show in the first quarter, however, ironically enough the best UGA play of the week actually belongs to: 

Cash Jones

The best play of the week actually belongs to Cash Jones. Jones hardly gets to play during the season, but when Kirby put him on the field on Saturday, he decided to make the most of his limited time on the field. He took it 36 yards to the house for the final score of the game, and also UGA’s first 50 piece of the season. This was important for a number of reasons, one being that many so-called analysts don’t think Georgia has enough firepower to keep up on offense against teams like Tennessee or Alabama. However, if Georgia’s third string running back can score on Vanderbuilt’s first team defense, it shows just how strong this Georgia offense really is. On this run Jones simply outraced the defenders to the endzone. Touchdown. 55-0 ballgame. 

[Photo Credit: CBS]
Week 7: Running back Cash Jones leaves Vandy in his dust

Honorable Mentions

Stetson Bennett and Ladd both had great games. McConkey was responsible for 0 turnovers this Saturday and made a couple of nice catches. Stetson Bennett had what was probably his best game of the entire season. He was throwing perfect balls all afternoon, evading pressure, and looking like what a national championship winning quarterback should look like. It was great seeing both bounce back well from adversity. 

Enjoy this weekend break from UGA football, and I’ll see you soon for the next countdown of the top 3 UGA plays of the week. 

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Arkesh Ray
I am a sophomore at The University of Georgia who is currently studying MIS. I have a passion for sports and my favorite teams are the Falcons,Hawks,Braves and Bulldogs.
Arkesh Ray
Arkesh Rayhttps://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/arkesh-ray
I am a sophomore at The University of Georgia who is currently studying MIS. I have a passion for sports and my favorite teams are the Falcons,Hawks,Braves and Bulldogs.

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