Top 3 UGA Bulldogs Plays of the Week: UGA vs. Florida

Jacksonville Florida – The University of Georgia beat Florida 42-20 this Saturday. The Bulldogs racked up 555 yards on offense with 239 of those coming on the ground. Brock Bowers, Daijun Edwards, Kenny Mcintosh, and the offensive line played great games. Bowers had a 150+ yards and a score, Edwards had a 100+ yards and two touchdowns, the line kept Bennett clean all day and Georgia steamrolled its way to a 22 point victory. 

The Countdown Begins

After taking a commanding 28-3 lead into halftime, Florida scored 17 straight to make it a one score game. There was a slight bit of tension in the air, but Edwads responded with a 32 yard run to put UGA back up 2 scores. Also, it’s important to note that the former bulldog linebacker, Brenton Cox, was cut on Monday following the game. He only had two sacks on the year and after being bulldozed into the endzone on a Kenny Mcintosh score Florida decided they had seen enough. All in all a great win by Georgia this week. And this week’s 3rd best UGA play belongs to: Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint.

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint

Wow. Rosemy-Jackson only had 22 yards all game, but he made one of the biggest plays of the entire game. With time winding down in the third, Florida had cut into Georgia’s 25 point lead and it was now only a measly 8 point lead. The last UGA drive had ended in a Stetson Bennet turnover on an ill-advised throw and Georgia desperately needed to put points on the board if they wanted to avoid blowing this game. On this pass Rosemy-Jacksaint had hardly any separation and it looked like another ill-advised throw by QB Stetson Bennett, however, Rosemy-Jacksaint made a touch catch with the defender draped all over him to move the chains and gave Georgia some much needed momentum. Two plays later Daijun Edwards found the endzone to put UGA back up two scores. However, it all started with this amazing catch by #1 Rosemy-Jacksaint.

[Photo Credit: CBS]
Week 9: Wide receiver Marcus Rosemy-Jackson makes touch catch to move the chains

Daijun Edwards had himself a game for the second straight week. Averaging over 8 yards per carry for the second straight game, Edwards also powered in for two scores, one coming at a very timely manner with the clock running out at the end of the third and that is who the 2nd best UGA play of the week belongs to:

Daijun Edwards

Daijin Edwards is Georgia’s running back #2, but after his strong showings the past two weeks he is making a strong case to be running back #1. Averaging over 8 yards per carry over the last two games (more than double the average ypc for a back) and scoring when UGA needs, Edward’s has been key to UGA’s undefeated record. This week Florida had scored 17 straight points and was slowly bridging the gap. However, with time winding down in the third, Edwards burst through the hole of his offensive line and simply beat every defender on the field in a footrace to the endzone on a 22 yard run to close out the third quarter. This was a timely score when Georgia needed to retake a two possession lead v.s. Florida. 

[Photo Credit: CBS]
Week 9: Daijun Edwards bursts through the hole and races into the endzone on 22 yard touchdown run

Brock Bowers. The best tight end in the nation. After a relatively quiet few games he had another masterclass in Jacksonville Florida. He totaled over 150 yards, made some incredible catches, and also had a very impressive touchdown, and that is why the best UGA play of the week belongs to:

Brock Bowers

Bowers put his handprint on this game from the very start, making a touch catch on the very first play of the game. Stetson lobbed a pass barely over the defender’s head and Bowers stretched out, using his insane length, to make an impressive catch. However, Brock’s best catch of the afternoon came near the beginning of the second quarter with Georgia holding a 14 point lead. It was first and ten from UGA’s 27 when Bowers beat his defender on a simple go-route. He had about a step or two on the defender so if Bennett throws it out in front of Bowers it’s an easy catch and run for six. 

However, Stetson actually underthrows it and the defender gets his hand on the ball first, however, he cannot come down with it and bobbles it up in the air. With insane reaction speed Bowers cradles the bobble and comes down with the ball. The catch was reminiscent of the Jermaine Curse superbowl catch on the Seahawks back in 2015. From there he simply beats his man in a footrace to the endzone. 73 yard touchdown on an unreal bobbled catch from Brock to put UGA up 21-0 early in the third. The fact that Brock could focus on the bobbled ball even while running full speed was very impressive and what merits him to be the best play of this week. All of Brock’s yards were vital to beating Florida, and put a cap on a blowout victory of a rival Florida team. 

[Photo Credit: CBS]
Week 9: Bowers makes incredible circus catch then runs in for 6

Look out for the next article because next week we’ll be counting down the top 3 plays of UGA’s game v.s Tennessee which I think will be the game of the year.

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Arkesh Ray
I am a sophomore at The University of Georgia who is currently studying MIS. I have a passion for sports and my favorite teams are the Falcons,Hawks,Braves and Bulldogs.
Arkesh Ray
Arkesh Rayhttps://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/arkesh-ray
I am a sophomore at The University of Georgia who is currently studying MIS. I have a passion for sports and my favorite teams are the Falcons,Hawks,Braves and Bulldogs.

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