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3 Rainy Day Activities to Keep Your Toddler Busy and Entertained for Hours!

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep your toddler entertained on days when the rain keeps them from playing outside? Sure, there are plenty of ways to stay occupied indoors that don’t involve electronic devices or screens, but if you’re like most parents, by day three of the deluge, your resources for exciting activities can start dwindling. Don’t despair! Instead, look no further than this article and harness some inspiration that will make rainy days with toddlers just as fun as any other kind of day. Here we’ve put together a list of three creative activities sure to keep your little one engaged and exploring at home for hours on end!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt is a great rainy-day activity to keep toddlers entertained. Put together clues that point your child to the next item they should find throughout their home or apartment and take them on a mini-adventure as they discover toys, books, decorative items, or whatever else you have determined fit for hunting. This exciting activity stimulates problem-solving skills as well as encourages exploration inside and outside of the house. You can add unique tasks like hiding items in out-of-site places like behind doors, under furniture, and even on rooftops or balconies! Adding suspenseful music can heighten the excitement for longer-lasting results. Your toddler will be sure to remember this rainy day for weeks ahead thanks to its memorable nature. An indoor scavenger hunt can keep young minds active and encourage creativity while those gloomy skies are still casting their shadow outside. Plus it’s an excellent way of breaking up cabin fever before cuddling up indoors with a good storybook later on in the afternoon.

Make a Rainy Day Craft

Rainy days are the perfect time to get creative with your toddler and make unique craft items. Whether it be painting a picture, creating jewelry, or fun collages, crafts are always a fun activity! To start you could make construction paper using everyday materials like strips of newspaper and some glue. Your little one will love tearing apart pieces of paper, arranging them on a sheet, and then gluing them down! You can even expand this activity by including drawing. Allow your child to use all sorts of art supplies like markers, glitter glue, paint, and more for their canvas creation! Finally, to introduce something that will have lasting appeal, build rain sticks out of cardboard tubes covered with foil! Once completed, put it aside as a memory piece, or let your kiddo jam along while listening to its magical sound! With many opportunities available even during rainy days, there’s no need to worry about having enough exciting activities around when stuck indoors. Turn on some tunes, break out those supplies, and enjoy crafting together as a family.

Dance in the Rain

Dance in the rain is an activity that both parents and toddlers can enjoy after a long day stuck inside due to rainy weather. Dancing provides physical exercise which is great for fostering creativity, playfulness, and relaxation. It’s a fun way to express the joy of being alive even when surrounded by gloom. For those who don’t want to get wet outdoors, an umbrella can give you protection from the rain. 

When it is rainy and cold outside, these three crafts can help bring excitement to your house! Try out these activities with your child and discover which one is their favorite! For more ways to keep your toddler busy on a rainy day, visit The Learning Experience Ashburn website.

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