3 Ways to Improve Social Signals for SEO

Seo Bipper Media Guest Post February 29 2024

It’s been established that search engine algorithms don’t use social signals as a ranking factor. Considering that buying fake followers is a thing, it isn’t hard to see why that’s the case.

However, likes, comments, shares, and a large follower count still have a role to play in bolstering a website’s search rankings. These signals can provide visibility on social media, which, when combined with sound digital marketing strategies, can drive traffic to your site. With more social media exposure, you can also generate backlinks. Backlinks are a ranking factor.

That said, this article reveals three ways you can improve social signals for SEO. 

1. Create High-Quality Content

Here’s an excellent way to improve your social signals for SEO: create high-quality content. 

Content marketing should be an important pillar of your social media marketing strategy, especially if you want organic traffic. Create engaging and popular content on social media and you could be rewarded with:

  • more social shares
  • more social media followers
  • more comments
  • more likes

As a result of the increased social exposure (social media algorithms favor content with many likes, shares, comments), you can get more people to your site. You can also get the attention of website administrators who might decide to carry your backlinks. The result? A boost in your SEO.

But what exactly is high-quality social media content?

High-quality social media content grabs your target audience’s attention. It’s informative, entertaining, or both. It’s also relevant content i.e., content that meets your target audience’s needs. 

High-quality social media content is also visually appealing. So, it typically has visual content like infographics, videos, and emotionally appealing images. It also has an accompanying copy that engages people. 

But don’t just create engaging social media posts. Create quality articles as well. After all, this is also content you can promote on your social media platforms to improve your social signals. You could create quality blog content for your website or guest posts for other authority sites. For this last one, just use an email finder to send out your guest post pitches. 

If all that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. You can use AI to help scale your article writing. The even better news is, you can even enhance SEO with AI. The tool can ensure your articles, whether posted on your site or on other websites, include relevant keywords critical to SEO. So, on their own, even without being promoted on social media, this written content can rank in search engine results pages.

Overall, quality content gets results. When posted or promoted on social media, it doesn’t just yield likes, shares, and reposts that can help SEO. It also generates high click-through rates and decent conversion rates (assuming the content on the social platform includes a call-to-action).

2. Actively Engage on Social Media Platforms

Posting and sharing quality content on your various social channels is all well and good. However, you mustn’t neglect to forge deeper relationships with customers (existing and potential) on social media.


Because incorporating human interaction into your social strategy can also help your brand cultivate an engaged audience. The result? Your social media campaigns can get their attention. It’s the same principle. When you have their attention, they’ll likely go to your site or link to your website content, improving your SEO.

Don’t just interact with your social media followers. Interact with social media users who aren’t necessarily your target audience as well. Liking, following, and reposting content created by these users helps boost your brand exposure on social media. 

But that’s not all.

A deeper level of social media engagement can also provide benefits outside of SEO. 

If you engage with social media users who aren’t necessarily your followers, you can turn them into paying customers and make them your loyal clients. According to a Forbes study, 62% of millennials said they’re more likely to become loyal customers if a brand interacts with them on social platforms. 

Here’s another benefit. If you monitor social media conversations (via social listening tools) to engage with social media users, your customer service department can quickly respond to queries and issues customers may have about your product. So, you can make these disgruntled customers feel heard and subsequently convert them into happier customers. Plus, other people who see your customer support responses will conclude you care about your customers. As a result, your PR efforts get a boost, too.

If liking and sharing content or leaving comments seems overwhelming, don’t fret. You can employ social media specialists (particularly social media managers) to handle engaging with social media users.

3. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Social profile optimization involves providing ample information about your brand in your, well, social profiles. All your social media accounts must have a profile image, description, and a URL to your brand’s website. The more detailed your social media bio, the better. All this information should be uniform across all your social media sites. Also, make sure your social media profile incorporates relevant keywords.

When creating landing pages linked to your social profiles, explore options beyond the conventional and consider Instapage alternatives. These alternatives offer diverse features for crafting visually appealing and engaging landing pages. Ensuring that your landing pages are seamlessly integrated into your social profiles enhances the overall user experience.

Optimized social media profiles go a long way to improving social signals for SEO. 

How? It’s simple, really.

An optimized social profile can get social media algorithms on your side. So, when users make a query on social platforms, your profile can pop up. That can mean more traffic to your social profile and, ultimately, more likes, shares, and comments a.k.a. social signals. 

If you think about it, there’s also the cyber security angle.

When potential customers see your completed social profiles, they’ll conclude you’re a legitimate brand. So, nothing will stop them from liking, sharing, or commenting on your social posts. Now assume your social profile has only your company name. Do you think they’d engage with your social posts or follow you? That’s highly unlikely. 

After all, people are wary of their security online. Americans have lost $2.7 billion from social media scams. And in many of those instances, the scammers would use seemingly harmless social media content promoting “products.” Unsuspecting users click on the content and give their credit card details to “make a purchase,” but the “products” never arrive.   

In Closing

Social signals can indirectly boost your SEO efforts. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about how they can fit into your overall SEO strategy.

You can get the ball rolling by creating high-quality content and posting or sharing it on your brand’s social media marketing channels. Engaging content will help you gather the likes, shares, and comments needed to signal engagement with your brand.

Interact with your customers and other users’ content on social media as well. Since you’ve developed and nurtured relationships with these users, they are more likely to engage with your content.

Finally, optimizing your social media profiles can help increase your visibility on social platforms. The result is that more people can interact with your social content.

Are you ready to leverage social signals for SEO?

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