Top 3 UGA Bulldogs Plays of the Week: UGA vs. Auburn

June 25 2024

ATHENS, Georgia  – This game was vital to reclaim the number one spot in the AP poll for the University of Georgia. Although the final score looks lopsided, the game was very close until the fourth quarter. The issues that have plagued UGA for the last four games continued this Saturday. Fumbles, missed throws, and poorly timed plays haunted Georgia until the final quarter where the team strung together 21 total points in just over 10 minutes of play. The defense held strong; they only let up 10 points with a touchdown being scored in the 4th quarter with the game almost completely out of hand. 

The Countdown Begins

What a strong 4th quarter, and it took place mostly on the ground. Kirby decided it was time to attack the weakness of Auburn’s defense by targeting their defensive line and linebackers. Late in the game with roughly five minutes left on the clock, UGA ran it in for the final score of the game – totaling a 32 point victory in the deep south’s oldest rivalry. Let’s get into the plays. This week’s 3rd best UGA play belongs to:

Branson Robinson

Robinson averaged 8.2 yards per carry. That is a truly impressive feat. A running back averaging just 4 yards per carry is an impressive (and difficult) skill and Robinson averaged more than double. Not only this but he scored a touchdown. An impressive game for the young running back. On the final scoring play of the game it looked like Robinson would be stopped just shy of the end-zone as he was swarmed by three opposing white jerseys. However, Robinson was hungry for the score and powered his way into the end-zone. 42-10 victory. 

[Photo Credit: CBS]
Week 6: Running Back Branson Robinson powers into the end-zone despite three auburn defenders 

Now let’s talk about Ladd McConkey. Ladd has had a couple of rough games dating back to the Kent State game and even against Auburn he had his share of struggles and miscues but he shined in special teams and that is who the 2nd best UGA play of the week belongs to:

Ladd McConkey

Ladd has had a fumble or been responsible for a turnover in the last three games, including the Auburn game. In fact in the Kent State game he was responsible for three turnovers in the first 20 minutes of the game alone. However, it is not failure that makes a man who he is, but how one bounces back from said failure, and McConkey certainly bounced back this Saturday. 

Although he did not score any touchdowns he led the team in receiving yards (an impressive feat considering Brock Bowers is on the team). He had a beautiful punt return in the beginning of the second where he returned a punt all the way to the Auburn 30 setting up UGA nicely for their second score of the game. It was beautiful to behold. He started off by making a man miss then he scrambled through the open field making two more miss until he was finally taken down at the 30. It’s unfortunate that special team stats do not show up on the box score but McConkey definitely had a positive impact on this game. 

[Photo Credit: CBS]
Week 6: McConkey dances his way to the Auburn 30

It feels as if Stetson Bennet has a top 3 play of the week every week. On this play he just outraces the entire defense and scores a 63 yard touchdown and that is why the best UGA play of the week belongs to: 

Stetson Bennett

Similar to McConkey, Bennett has been struggling since the Kent State game. He has been overthrowing wide receivers, missing easy passes, throwing ill advised balls, and turning over the ball, things he was not doing the first three games of the season. However, as stated before the mark of a man is not whether or not they fail, but how they react to said failure. Stet came out with a fire in his soul, a hunger. He said if he can’t throw the ball well, he’ll make plays with his feet, and that is what he did. A 63 yard touchdown is impressive for a running back, but even more impressive for a quarterback, especially one who is not that mobile like Stetson Bennett. 

[Photo Credit: CBS]
Week 6: Stetson turns on the burners as he takes it 63 yards to the house

Look out for the next article because next week we’ll be counting down the top 3 plays of UGA’s game v.s Vanderbilt 

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Arkesh Ray
I am a sophomore at The University of Georgia who is currently studying MIS. I have a passion for sports and my favorite teams are the Falcons,Hawks,Braves and Bulldogs.
Arkesh Ray
Arkesh Rayhttps://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/arkesh-ray
I am a sophomore at The University of Georgia who is currently studying MIS. I have a passion for sports and my favorite teams are the Falcons,Hawks,Braves and Bulldogs.

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