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Situated on central Florida’s Gulf Coast just 30 miles from downtown Tampa, Tarpon Springs is fittingly-named for the fish found in great abundance in the nearby ocean. Located in Pinellas County, it is also a city with a deep-sea history. In the early 1900s, Greek sponge divers settled in the area. Today, the Historic Sponge Docks is a reflection of the Greek culture that can be seen throughout the waterfront, which features several Greek restaurants, bakeries, retail shops, and entertainment. A local favorite, Costas Restaurant is as close as you can get to eating cuisine from the Greek Islands. For young families, a visit to the Tarpon Springs Aquarium and Animal Sanctuary is definitely worthwhile.  Tarpon Springs is a wonderful city overflowing with so much culture, delicious food, and family-friendly attractions. That is why Bipper Media is especially proud to serve the Tarpon Springs business community with our impactful SEO services.

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Bipper Media is a global leader in search engine optimization (SEO) and website design who helps local and small businesses, and enterprise / corporate clients, grow their businesses by increasing their rankings, visibility, and traffic from search engines such as Google.

Call today: (706) 350-1063

Tarpon Springs, Florida SEO

At Bipper Media, we are dedicated to helping businesses within Tarpon Springs and beyond its city limits to get found on Google. It is that simple! If nobody knows your business exists after a quick search on Google, that is definitely a problem. As a small business ourselves, we understand how important it is to land on that first page in Google. That is why we are passionate about implementing our tried and true search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help you attract the customers you’ve been waiting for. 

Don’t have a Google My Business listing? We can create one and optimize it for you. In other words, we can get you started on your journey to not only existing on Google, but being found where people are searching, which is on page one. We can also make sure your website is optimized properly so search engines can find it. 

If done the right way, Google will connect its users with information for your business to show up above that of your competitors. Bipper Media is here to implement SEO strategies that get you in front of your future customers. 

What is SEO?

For those who are not familiar, SEO stands for search engine optimization. The search engine optimization definition is the process of implementing digital strategies to boost the number of visitors to your website and Google listing. When it comes to websites, SEO is an important tool to ensure your website’s success. Our team conducts research for recommendations on your site structure for your homepage, which has the highest domain authority on your site, and your top tier pages. We would then optimize your site to help bring your business’s site to the front of search engine rankings. 

Types of SEO

Below are the main types of SEO you should get familiar with. 

  • Local SEO
    This is the process of increasing your business rankings, presence, and visibility in Google search. To be more specific, local SEO refers to your business rankings in Google Maps and map apps. Not in the 3-pack but want to be? That’s where we come in! 
  • Organic SEO
    Organic SEO refers to your business’s URL being found naturally or organically as a result of proven strategies such as optimizing your site properly, implementing high-quality and highly-relevant content on your website, as well as incorporating powerful backlinking. How’s your business performing organically? 

SEO Company Servicing Residents of Tarpon Springs, Florida

Bipper Media is eager to serve residents of beautiful Tarpon Springs and surrounding areas with all their SEO needs. Our tech and SEO-savvy team work together to find any issues holding your business back from being found in search and how to remedy that with our SEO tools. If you want to know how to get started with SEO, our user-friendly site has plenty of information including how to contact us to set up a strategy call. If you are wondering how SEO works for businesses or how to increase rankings on Google, we can guide you on SEO best practices to increase your presence on Google.  

About Us

For over 20 years, Bipper Media has been providing cutting-edge internet marketing solutions for small to large businesses around the world. Our top priority has been to deliver superior websites that increase traffic, leads, and sales for local and small businesses, as well as large enterprise clients. Be sure to check out what our clients are saying about our powerful internet marketing and SEO services. Contact us today to learn more and set up a strategy call with us.  You can call us at (727) 940-3902, email us at support@bippermedia.com or visit us online

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We specialize in helping local and small businesses dominate the top search results in Google Maps and the front page in Google search results.  Your customers in Tarpon Springs are searching in Google right now for your type of business, products, and services.  And when your business gets found at the top of those search results, you / your business is seen as the best and you get the phone call… which means more customers and more business growth for you and your business in Tarpon Springs!