Capitalizing On ERMS

I'm always amazed, not only how quickly technology changes and advances, but also the ways in which business is adapting and implementing this new and every changing paradigm.  Technology is being implemented in every nook and cranny in the enterprise, from the front lines to the C-Suite.  The ultimate goal?  I suppose every business is pushing to be more productive - in turn, push down costs - while simultaneously increasing productive.  What does all of this mean?  Well... it all comes down to increasing profits.  But in the world of risk management, businesses see increasing profits as a function of decreasing and mitigating risks.  One way businesses can do this is through the use of advanced analytical systems that allows for things like predictive modeling.  Enterprise risk management software helps facilitate this analytical insight into past risks, current risk exposure, and mitigating future risks.  But yet once again, technology never sleeps and a lot of the ERMS platforms are [...]

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Google Chrome Now More Popular Than IE, Becomes Most Popular Web Browser

In a change of events that may not come as too big of a shock to you, new data is out today showing that Google Chrome - Google's super fast browser - is now more popular than Internet Explorer. This hurts a little bit for Internet Explorer and the folks at Microsoft because, like... forever, IE has been the dominant web browser.  But my how times are changing for good ol' MS. Check out the chart below to see how Internet Explorer has been tanking and how Google Chrome has been on a nice steady climb.

Google Drive For Linux Not Yet Supported

As cool as Google Drive seems, with its 5GB of free space and super fluid interaction between your documents and Google Docs, there's still one overhanging flaw that doesn't quite sit right with some folks.  You see, Google Drive is available for Windows and Macs, which is great because these are the majority of the computer users.  But for those of us who enjoy using Linux, we'll just have to wait for Google Drive Linux edition to be released.  For now, people who are using Linux will have to settle for just using Google Docs in order to experience Google Drive.  Which in fact means that you aren't really experiencing the fullness of Google Docs, like the file and folder interface with your local computer.  Oh well... Linux users will just have to wait a little bit longer! So how long do you think it will take to get Google Drive for Linux?

Desktop Icons Missing in Windows XP, How to Get Icons To Show Up (FIX)

I had the most interesting problem this morning on one of my computers where after the computer booted up, none of the desktop icons would appear.  Basically, the entire desktop and all of the desktop icons were missing.  So all I was looking at was the background image that I set - and by the way, I'm using Windows XP. How To Fix Desktop Icons Missing After staring at the problem for a while, and clicking > and rebooting > and stressing > none of the above worked. But I eventually figured out how to fix the problem of my Windows desktop icons missing and get the entire desktop to reappear.  Here we go: 1)  Hit "ctrl + alt + del" (that's 'Control + Alt + Delete keys') all at the same time. once you hit 'ctrl alt del' you'll see the task manager appear and it should look like this: 2)  Click the "Processes" tab After your Windows [...]

Speed Up, Make Your Dell Dimension 3000 Desktop/PC Faster

Speed Up / Make Faster:  Dell Dimension 3000 Desktop/PC Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 3000 If you own a Dell Dimension 3000 and it's moving slow and sluggish, then you know how frustrating it can be.  It's time you took the steps to increase the speed of your Dell Dimension 3000 by upgrading the RAM (computer memory).  When you upgrade and maximize the RAM on your Dell Dimension 3000, you'll see a dramatic increase in the speed and efficiency of your computer. Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 3000 Dell Dimension 3000 Series RAM Specs: Memory Type: DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200, DDR (non-ECC) Maximum Memory: 2GB Slots: 2 Each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot. In summary, this means your Dell Dimension 3000 series PC can hold a maximum of 2GB of memory and has 2 slots on the mother board of the computer than can hold a maximum of 1GB each (1GB stick each). Buy RAM For Dell [...]

How To Remove Yahoo Toolbar And Speed Up Your Computer

Slow computer got you down? I know exactly how it feels, trust me.   And nothing can put a drag on your computer processing power and web loading speed like a fat, ineffectively, RAM consuming toolbar. And when it comes to toolbars, few (if any) are a bigger culprit of consuming your computer resources than the Yahoo Toolbar. read also:  4 Steps To Make Your Computer Run Faster I received a question from a reader that was asking me, simply "how do I remove the yahoo toolbar from my IE7 computer". What he or she asked was not necessarily related to what type of browser you are using - i.e. Internet Explorer 7, IE8, or even Firefox.  Because with the Yahoo Toolbar, it is actually installed as it's own independent running software. And ultimately, by removing the Yahoo Toolbar (or any other toolbar you have running) you will dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of your computer or laptop. [...]

3 Key Features Every Mobile Website Needs

As if you haven't noticed yet, mobile phones and tablets are becoming quite popular.  In fact, by 2015 there will be more mobile devices in use than personal computers. Each time a new iPhone is released, 10's of millions of more devices are released into the market place.  In Q4 alone, Apple sold over 15 million iPads and Amazon sold an estimated 6 million Kindle Fire tablets. Basically, mobile devices are huge - and growing faster than anyone can keep up with. All of this is great news for the local and small business owners as more and more people are using their mobile devices to search for local business, products, and services.  And with millions of people using their mobile device to search for businesses, it only makes sense that a business would want to have a mobile website. When it comes to a mobile website for a local and small business, there three key features that absolutely [...]

4 Steps To Make Your Computer Run Faster

If you've owned your PC for more than a year, then you're probably in the majority of PC users that are frustrated with the speed and performance of your computer. You've probably sat in front of your computer a time or tow and asked the million dollar question: how can I make my computer faster? If so, then don't feel bad - you're not alone by any means.  Most PC (Windows based computers) owners are frustrated within their computer's performance within 6 - 12 months.  And imagine how frustrated people can be who've had their computers for more 2 - 5 years?  These people have been asking the question how can I make my computer faster for years, not just days or weeks. Below I want to show you 3 ways to make your computer faster.  There are lot's of different things you can do, but these three are without a doubt going to give you the biggest bang [...]

How To Turn On (Enable) Wireless Card (WiFi) For Dell Inspiron Laptops

Turning on and enabling the wireless (wifi) card on the Dell Inspiron laptop can be a bit elusive if you've never done it before. I was working on a Dell Inspiron laptop today and I had to get online in order to download my latest and greatest tools I use to scan for viruses, etc...  Actually, I didn't absolutely "NEED" to get online via wifi, I could just use my jump drive.  But having the computer or laptop I'm working on actually online helps a lot. So I saw the wifi icon on the bottom right hand corner with a red "X" on it I kept clicking on and opening up the network and sharing center.  But that didn't help me at all because again, the wireless card was turned off so nothing was showing. Finally, I figured out there is a keyboard shortcut to turning on (enabling) the wifi wireless card on the Dell Inspiron. Simply hit Fn [...]

Make Your Dell Dimension 2400 Series Faster

Speed Up / Make Faster:  Dell Dimension 2400 Series Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 2400 Tired of dealing with your slow Dell Dimension 2400 Series computer?  If so, then the best way to increase your PC's speed is to simply increase the RAM.   Most Dell computers are shipped at only 50% RAM capacity which means you probably have a lot of room to expand and increase your computer speed. Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 2400 Dell Dimension 2400 Series RAM Specs: Memory Type: DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200, DDR (non-ECC) Maximum Memory: 2GB Slots: 2 Bottom line:  each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.  The total maximum RAM capacity of your Dell Dimension 2400 is 2GB. So if you are wanting to max out the speed of your Dell Dimension 2400, then you'll need to purchase two (2), 1GB sticks of RAM. Slow Dell computers can be really frustrating. Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 2400: [...]

Make Your Dell Dimension 2350 Series Faster

Speed Up / Make Faster:  Dell Dimension 2350 Series Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 2350 Series PC Frustrated with your slow, sluggish Dell Dimension 2350 Series computer?  Need to find a way to make your Dimension 2350 faster, more efficient, and more secure?  Then it's time you upgrades your computer by adding more RAM.  Adding RAM is the only true way to increasing your computer speed, making all of your programs, internet browsing, and other web functions exponentially faster. Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 2350 Series PC Dell Dimension 2350 Series Memory Type: DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200, DDR (non-ECC) Maximum Memory: 1GB Slots: 2 Each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200 with a maximum of 512MB per slot. This means your Dell Dimension 2350 Series PC maxes out a 1GB of RAM. Again, RAM is the hardware that directly impacts the speed of your computer.  Most computers are manufactured at approximately 50% of their maximum speed (RAM) capacity.  That's why in most cases, making [...]