Journey into a Forbidden Space: Ridley Scott’s Thelma and Louise

From the early beginnings of folklore through Little Red Riding Hood, the tale of a young girl who ventures out into the forbidden woods alone, to the cinematic American road story of two female outlaw heroines in Ridley Scotts Thelma and Louise, art [...]

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Frederick Douglass, Exposing The Tyranny In The South

Former U.S. President and principal author of the nations Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson says, “experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny” (Jefferson). One [...]

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Legendary Pioneer in Literature: Alexander Pope

Legendary Pioneer in Literature: Alexander Pope English essayist, critic, and satirist Alexander Pope was recognized as one of the world’s greatest poets during the Enlightenment period. One particular literary piece that Pope became well known for was his creative satire, The Rape of [...]

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Sociological Criticism: Kate Chopin’s The Story of An Hour

Sociological Criticism: Kate Chopin’s The Story of An Hour During the nineteenth century many women’s rights, freedoms, and overall independence was suppressed by a male dominant society. With this patriarchal functioning of the world, the female gender conformed to basic domestic roles that gave them [...]

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The Declining Acceptance of Paternalism during the 19th Century: Numan V. Bartley’s The Creation of Modern Georgia

 In his informative essay For Your Own Good, author Claire Andre says, “Paternalism can be defined as interfering with a person's freedom for his or her own good. The word calls to mind the image of a father who makes decisions for his children rather than [...]

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