8 Websites to Analyze Your Spotify Stats and Listening Habits

There are many websites where you can check your top artists, genres, listening habits, and more. Ever since Spotify Wrapped came out, people began creating other websites to mimic that data collection. Whether you want to seriously analyze your listening habits or [...]

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Spotify’s Algorithm Explained

Have you ever wondered why Spotify always seems to recommend music that you want to listen to? The home screen features playlists titled “Jump Back In”, “Daily Mix” and “On Repeat” which always seems to feature music you’d want to listen to.  [...]

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How to Find New Music and Diversify Your Listening Habits

It’s easy to get stuck in a music rut where you’re listening to the same songs over and over again until you grow to hate them. Even with our unlimited access to millions of songs, we continuously go back to the songs [...]

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