Every local and small business has a need for high quality, on demand tech services.  Bipper Media is committed to being your one stop shop for all of your technology related products and services.

Business Services

Our business services are designed to take care of your day to day needs so that you can remain focused on what’s most important – your business.

  • Computer Repair & Upgrades:  we believe that it’s a waste of money to run out and buy a new computer just because your current computer is running slow.  We specialize in turning old, slow computers into lightning fast machines.  Our upgrade process looks to increase the hardware within your current computer to give you a super fast computer that’s capable of even faster internet speeds.  This process saves you hundreds of dollars per computer!
  • Networking Solutions:  we know the importance of solid, fast WiFi connectivity and stable network environment.  Our networking solutions are perfect for you local or small business – even home based WiFi and network solutions.  We provide fast, reliable, and secure networking solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Printer Ink & Print Management Solutions:  forget about having to run out to the store each time your printers need ink.  Just contact us and we’ll make sure all of your ink cartridge needs are taken care of.  If you have an office with multiple printers, then perhaps you’ve be interested in our print management solutions.
  • Technology Solutions & Purchasing:  Every business has iPhones, Blackberry’s, tablets, and other technology devices that are critical to communication and collaboration.  And for most businesses, having devices synced across your network, and all users within the network, is critically important.  Our technology solutions can help you at every level in taking your communication and collaboration to a new level, helping your business save thousands of dollars in hours wasted fighting with old, inefficient devices and processes.

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