Enterprise SEO & Localization, How Your Global Business Can Respond to Local Search Relevance

Enterprise SEO & Localization About a year ago or so, we noticed something changing on the front of Google search results for one of our enterprise SEO clients.  For several of their top tier global keyword phrases, we started seeing a larger percentage of localized [...]

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Why Are Competitors Outranking My Business in Google?

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your toughest competitors in the top search results in Google whenever you type in your most profitable keyword phrases. The stories I hear on a regular basis range from corporations losing tens of millions of dollars [...]

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The Economics of Keyword Phrase Targeting & SEO

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I call "the economics of keyword phrase targeting" for search optimization.  Which means for any given business, product, or service, you can generate a long list of keyword phrases to target and optimize for search.  But out of [...]

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Enterprise SEO Tips For Corporate Websites

Enterprise SEO in 2016 - When it comes to implementing an enterprise SEO strategy, things are different for a local or small business than they are for an enterprise level company.  For one, the enterprise level companies would naturally carry more "brand relevance" in the search [...]

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