3 Considerations to Make When Choosing a Flooring Company in Athens

Considerations for the best flooring companies in Athens, Ga. At some point, nearly every homeowner will want to replace their floor coverings. Whether it’s due to years of wear and tear or simply because of a design update, one thing is certain: flooring is a big investment. Because of that, you want to be sure that you are choosing the best flooring company in Athens, both for purchasing your new flooring and for having it installed. When you’re ready to replace your floors, there will be several considerations that you’ll want to make before deciding on a flooring company. Here are three: 1. Does the flooring company offer a wide selection of choices? If you’re looking for a plush microfiber carpet and the flooring company only offers hardwoods and laminate, you’re going to have a rather difficult time finding something you like. On the other hand, if you aren’t quite sure of which direction you’d like to take your [...]

How To Replace A Vacuum Bag, Vacuum Repair in Athens Ga.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most efficient equipment in cleaning. Vacuum cleaners are very convenient and can spare you from that physically demanding house cleaning. But, vacuum cleaners have to be maintained and regularly serviced to sustain its maximum efficiency. One way you can do maintain effeciency is by replacing your bag. Replacing vacuum bags is easy and here’s how to do it: Know your vacuum cleaner. Replacing vacuum bag is just like replacing your garbage bag. All the dirt accumulated during your cleaning is consolidated in this bag. But replacing it does not begin on the actual act of removing the bag then replacing a new one. It begins when you buy your vacuum. You have to consider if the replacement bags are readily available in your local store. SEE ALSO:  Vacuum repair in Athens, Ga Yes, new units may have complementary replacement bags but they will eventually run out and if you do not do your [...]

3 Reasons For Vacuum Repair in Athens, Ga

Vacuum Repair in Athens, Ga. Have you ever noticed that your vacuum is one of those things you don't ever think about repairing until the darn thing just doesn't work?  And then, when you go to vacuum your carpets and realize that your vacuum isn't working, you feel like the Incredible Hulk is about to come out of you.  Sure, there are some vacuum issues that can be repaired easy enough right there at your house.  Things like unclogging your hose, or getting the excess debris off your roller.  But when it comes to more in-depth issues, this is the time to start looking for a vacuum repair professional. For those of you who live in Athens, Georgia (home of the Georgia Bulldogs.... GO DAWGS!!!), then you may have heard recently that Oreck shop has closed down.  With Oreck no longer operating in Athens, Georgia this has opened up a great opportunity for other professional vacuum repair shops in [...]

Repairing Your Vacuum, Should You Seek A Professional?

Congratulations! After years and years of cheap vacuums you finally bought a nice one. You didn't go to a local discount box store. Your search didn't start off with a price range. You looked at reviews for months, compared features, and talked with friends, cleaning people, and the lady jogging down the street. You made a wise purchase and you plan on keeping this vacuum for at least 20 years. You've had your dream vacuum for a couple of months and all is going according to plan. You have changed the belt, cleaned the brush roller, brushed out hoses, emptied the bag or canister regularly, and replaced the filters. You are also careful to roll up the cord after each use because you don't want to take a chance that Fido will destroy the cord. But one day your spouse decides the surprise you (or you teenager if you are lucky) and vacuum the floor. Normally you would be [...]

When To Take Your Oreck XL To A Repair Shop

Vacuums receive a lot of wear and tear, especially if you have kids or pets. The Oreck XL vacuum cleaner has been touted as one of the best vacuum cleaners in the industry. It's even beat the flashy Dyson with its high end technology on numerous consumer tests. However, even the best of vacuums, like cars or relationships, need regular maintenance and care. Learn more about how to get your Oreck vacuum repaired in Athens, Ga. The best thing you can do for your Oreck is give it regular maintenance. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the vacuum is less likely to die on you. If your Oreck does quit working, there are several steps that you can take to see if it's something you can fix yourself or if you need to take it to a shop. Of course, whether you can fix it yourself or not may depend on your skill level. For instance, if you don't know [...]

IQ Air Purifiers in Athens, Georgia

IQ Air Purifiers Everyone knows that the Swiss make great timepieces and that the term, "Swiss-made," means high quality and precision engineering. In the world of home air purifiers, Swiss-made IQ Air Purifiers are second to none. If you are researching the purchase of air purifiers for your home, make sure the IQ brand is on your list of potential choices. Many who have taken the time and trouble to look extensively into this area have undoubtedly learned that IQAir manufactures the best air purifiers in the world. IQ Air Purifiers in Athens, Ga. Home air filters are available in a wide range of costs and capabilities, including single-room portable models and whole-house units. One of the most critical factors distinguishing each of the many varieties of air filters for home use from the other is the type and size particle it is capable of eliminating. Ordinary air purifiers, including well-regarded HEPA filters, typically filter particles of 0.3 and [...]

Miele Vacuums in Athens, Ga. – What You Need To Know

Finding Great Vacuums in Athens, Ga. Besides keeping the carpet clean, vacuums also play a major role in improving the health of the residents by eliminating dust, pollen and bacteria. These materials can cause allergic reactions, especially during allergy seasons. Over time, dust, pollen and mold can build up in the carpet and significantly reduce the air quality. The grit that is tracked into people's homes also negatively impacts the carpet by rubbing against the fibers, which can wear them down over time. This can remove the coating that prevents stains on the carpet, damaging the carpet beyond repair. Those who wish to protect their homes from dust, pollen, bacteria and other problems associated with a dirty carpet should follow these tips for vacuuming: Use organic carpet cleaning chemicals Clean the corners with an extension, since the vacuum won't be able to reach tight corners Perform other cleaning tasks before vacuuming Move furniture and vacuum underneath the furniture before [...]

3 Questions To Ask When Buying Your Next Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to buying just the right vacuum for your specific needs, the choices can seem endless. As it is with a lot of household products, there are literally rooms full of different product options for you to select from. So to help you purchase your next vacuum, we've put together 3 questions to ask that might help you narrow down your choices and make the purchasing process a bit easier for you. 1)  Should I buy a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum One of the more noticeable attributes you'll look at when purchasing your next vacuum is whether to buy a vacuum with a canister or an upright vacuum cleaner.  There isn't a right or wrong answer of course, but a canister vacuum is typically more agile and versatile, allowing you to not only vacuum your carpets thoroughly, but also easily clean your bare floors, stairs, and getting dirt out of those corners. 2)  A bag [...]

3 Reasons To Chose Organic Carpet Cleaning in Athens, Ga.

As we approach the 4th of the July weekend here in the great city of Athens, Georgia, I'm reminded of all the fun times we had growing up and taking part in all of the festivities that surround this time of year.  The weather is hot, the hotdogs are on the grill, and the watermelon seems endless.  Not to mention all the of the parades and carnivals (and don't forget the cotton candy), all of which makes the 4th of July weekend so much fun! But one thing that's also a given during this holiday weekend is that kids and pets are constantly running in and out of the house.  Is it me, or does a revolving door sound like a good investment for the summer months?  If your house is anything like mine with kids, the dog, friends, etc... then your house sometimes resembles Grand Central Station.  And because it's summer, this foot traffic coming from the outside is [...]