SEO Link Building through Sponsorships

Due to recent algorithm changes at Google, most website owners and agencies are petrified of notion to manually build backlinks to your website.  And rightly so!  For the most part, manually built backlinks are full of deceptive and spammy techniques that can get your website hammered in Google search.

But what if there is a way to manually build authoritative backlinks to your website, from relevant and trusted sources that actually offer dofollow backlinks?

Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not!

And I’m going to lift the curtain here and show you how this powerful link building strategy can give your business website a definitive edge in Google search.

And not only an edge in organic search results, but this technique can spill over into your Google Map rankings as well.  And if you’re local business, then you know Google shows only the top 3 Google Maps listings (letters A, B, & C) on the front page search results.  So driving your business into these top 3 search results can mean a huge boost in business.

In fact, we have several clients who (and I quote) could care less about organic search results… they only care about the local / Google map search results!

How To Build Legitimate, High Impact Backlinks For SEO

After analyzing the backlink portfolio to hundreds, probably thousands, of websites over the years, I’ve seen some definitive patterns in the way portfolios are built and where the most authoritative backlinks come from.

Backlink Building Through Sponsoring Events

One of the most profound patterns, and most effective strategies, I’ve seen in building powerful backlinks is through the use of sponsoring events.

Let’s take a look at some powerful backlinks that have been acquired as the result of the business sponsoring events.

The website I’m going to look at here is Gruber Law Offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Disclaimer:  Gruber Law Offices is not a client of Bipper Media, nor were we paid to produce this content.

Here’s a screenshot of Gruber’s homepage:

Gruber Law Offices

The reason I’m using Gruber Law Offices in this example is because they are a top ranked website in Google, both local and organic, for the keyword phrase “Milwaukee personal injury lawyer”.  This is one of the most competitive keyword phrases in business, and if you reach the top search results in a large metro area for this phrase, then you definitely have some linking power behind your website giving you a boost.

So let’s take a quick glance at Gruber’s backlink portfolio

Here’s a list of some of their most authoritative backlinks that are also dofollow links – meaning, they are providing substantial amounts of PageRank back to Gruber’s website:

    • Homepage PageRank = 3
    • Page Score = 30
    • Homepage PageRank = na
    • Page Score = 8
    • Homepage PageRank = 4
    • Page Score = 20
    • Homepage PageRank = 4
    • Page Score = 14
    • Homepage PageRank = 4
    • Page Score = 7

The first source of backlinks,, appears to have removed Gruber’s sponsorship image, but the link continues to live on and attribute relevance back to Gruber’s website, since it continues to come up in a backlink analysis.

The four other sites mentioned are all providing a backlink to Gruber’s website through the use of sponsorship, and mostly in the form of linking Gruber’s image to their homepage.

The Legitimacy of Sponsorship Backlinks

What makes this backlinking strategy so powerful is the legitimacy of the backlink itself.  There many more websites providing dofollow backlinks to Gruber as a result of sponsorship that I did not mention.  Yet all of the backlinks are the result of Gruber paying for a sponsorship of the event or cause, and in return, the organization simply places Gruber’s logo on their website and adds a link.

This is a legitimate form of acquiring backlinks because, you can argue, that Gruber is simply expressing their desire to sponsor events and causes they believe in and wish to associate their brand with through support.  Who can argue against that?  It’s a process that many Fortune 500 companies also engage with.

For the small business that’s trying to compete in highly competitive markets, especially markets that are localized such as personal injury law, engaging in sponsorship appears to be one of the most legitimate and powerful strategies to giving your website an edge in the organic and local search results.

Backlinks likewise play an important role in local search results.  As you know, your Google business page is what appears in the local maps search results for locally targeted searches.  And each Google business page has an associated URL, which is the website for the business.  And Google analyzes the authority of the associated website in determining the ranking and authority of the Google business page, which directly influences the local search results.  So by focusing on building the authority of your website, you are likewise building the authority of your Google business.

The Relevance Factor of Sponsorship Backlinks

One final note on the use of sponsorships for backlinks is the relevance factor of these links.  If you visit the websites where Gruber has purchased a sponsorship, you’ll notice they are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Or, if the organization is located in Milwaukee, the event itself is happening in Milwaukee.  Since Gruber’s main office appears to be in Milwaukee, and they are competing for Milwaukee, Wisconsin targeted keyword phrases, acquiring links from websites that are also relevant to the Milwaukee area adds even more authority to Gruber’s site for Milwaukee based searches.

This relevance factor is most profound for locally targeted search phrases in the Milwaukee area.  When someone searches for “Milwaukee personal injury lawyers”, the Milwaukee factor is also established through highly relevant backlinks, coupled with the fact that Gruber’s homepage is optimized specifically for personal injury law.  This combination of locally relevant backlinks from authoritative sources, and the optimization of Gruber’s homepage, creates a strong likelihood of competing at the top of Google search results for locally relevant searches.  And I’ve only isolated the keyword phrase “Milwaukee personal injury lawyer”.  More than likely, Gruber’s website receives thousands of visits a month from other contextually related keyword phrases around the topic of “lawyers” and “Milwaukee”.

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