You might be thinking to yourself why do I need flood insurance? I live in Georgia, in a city, nowhere near any water, not even a creek. I don’t live on the coast, and even if I did a hurricane hasn’t graced the Georgia coast since Hurricane David rolled over Savannah in 1979.

In fact we’ve only had three hurricanes off the Georgia coast since 1900. But even then, I’m far enough away for the impact to be minimal, if at all.

Unless Noah’s flood comes again, I don’t foresee myself needing flood insurance.

But flood insurance isn’t there for when you flood, it’s there for if you flood. If on the off chance that something does happen. And you may be a little closer to water damage than you may think. Plus, flood insurance isn’t necessarily for catastrophic events. Even if you did live in a hurricane prone area, such as the Gulf Coast, flood insurance doesn’t cover all types of hurricane damage.

Nearly 25 percent of flood claims come from outside high-flood-risk areas. Here are a couple samples of what flooding might look like out of a high-flood-risk area:

  1. A water main breaks in your neighborhood and swamps your basement. Your walls are mildewed and your carpet smells like wet dog. Your circuit board is shot and all of your electrical now needs to be redone.
  2. You go on vacation for a week and return to a kitchen filled with water. While you were gone your kitchen pipe burst. No one was there to turn it off and it has been spewing water into your kitchen for days.
  3. Noah’s Flood comes to your street. The sky has been spewing rain for days. Of course, it has rained before, but you’ve accumulated almost three months worth of rain in four days. The water runoff in your neighborhood dumps into your backyard.

So should you purchase flood insurance with your homeowners policy? That’s for you to decide with the help of your insurance agent. Make sure you weigh all the pros and cons. In many cases the small amount that you would in premiums is worth the peace of mind.