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Are you looking for ways to build a passive marketing funnel for your business? Do you want to ensure that the SEO tactics you’re using are going to convert? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about White Hat SEO.

Doing so can help you in many different ways. It will make your website more attractive to Google than others in your industry, build your network of site users, and ensure you receive a higher return on your investment.

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What is White Hat SEO?

Perhaps you’ve heard of white hat SEO on a search engine podcast and want to learn more about what it means. Maybe you’re tired of using SEO techniques in your content that aren’t working.

Whatever the case might be, we want to challenge you with this question: who are you targeting with your website?

Many companies are confused when it comes to proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. The term itself (“search engine” being in the name) tricks brands into thinking that the search engine—Google—should be the focal point; the one you’re trying to please.

Your digital marketing plan shouldn’t be focused solely on appeasing Google and its algorithm. Not even Google wants you to prioritize them.

Why? Because companies will then use Black Hat SEO (bad SEO) tactics to sabotage the algorithm. An example of this is when blogs flood their articles with keywords, thus making the content less helpful.

That’s where White Hat SEO comes into play. This term refers to any SEO technique that’s focused on creating as much value and information for your audience as possible. That way, Google will see you as a quality brand that’s creating content for the right reasons: to help site users.

Why Should I Use White Hat SEO?

Now we’ve determined the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO is focused on the consumer, while Black Hat SEO—which is bad—is focused on the Google algorithm.

But why do we consider Black Hat SEO to be bad? Because its only true intent is to try and trick Google’s algorithm in your favor.

If your website contains too many Black Hat SEO traits, Google will perceive your website as a brand that’s just trying to juke the stats in your favor. As soon as Google crawls your site and sees these things, they will take immediate action to ensure their users aren’t being directed to your content.

Black Hat SEO users rarely get away with it. Google’s algorithm is being tweaked every day to identify sketchy websites and push them down into the abyss of their search results.

That’s why White Hat SEO is so important. By incorporating them into your website optimization strategy, you’ll see tremendous growth over time. Google will send more users to your site, which can help you generate high-quality leads, witness higher sales conversions, and build customer loyalty.

You should use White Hat SEO if for no other reason than to prevent Google from pushing your site down its search result pages.

What Are Examples of Black Hat SEO to Avoid?

So how can you make sure that you aren’t committing Black Hat SEO? What if you’ve been using them all this time without realizing it?

Don’t worry, most Black Hat SEO tactics are intentional, so you wouldn’t commit them without doing it knowingly. For example, some common tactics of Black Hat SEO include:

  • Adding unrelated keywords to a page to try and climb the search results of multiple topics
  • Plagiarism; stealing articles that belong to a different website
  • Flooding web pages with keywords (AKA “keyword stuffing”) to try and rank higher
  • Using invisible text to try and include more keywords (related or unrelated to the topic)
  • Reporting competitors to try and sabotage their SEO initiatives

The list goes on and on. As you can see, all of these tricks have intent behind them. For those of you that are worried you’ve stuffed too many keywords in your pages, you should hire a trusted content marketing service to assess your content and scan for any traces of unintentional Black Hat SEO.

What Are Examples of White Hat SEO?

Granted, even if you aren’t using any of the Black Hat SEO tactics we listed, you aren’t exactly in the clear. If you aren’t intentionally using White Hat SEO tactics, then your site pages are sitting in Google purgatory.

It’s important that you learn about what White Hat SEO techniques are and implement them for boosting search rankings. Here are some of the best White Hat tactics:

  • Creating a mobile-friendly website for your site users
  • Generating helpful, high-quality content that solves your target market’s pain points
  • Implementing a strong keyword strategy backed by keyword research
  • Developing a backlinking system that includes a balance of internal and external sources
  • Designing a website that’s easy for your site users to navigate
  • Prioritizing your Google My Business Account for Local SEO

Believe it or not, these are just the tip of the iceberg. You and your company would benefit from investing in a marketing media agency that can help you with your backlinking, Local SEO, website optimization, and other must-have White Hat motives.

By investing your time and resources into White Hat SEO, you’ll see higher returns on your investment. You’ll grow your book of business and generate a tremendous pool of return business for your products and services.

Prioritize White Hat SEO for Your Company Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on what White Hat SEO is and why it’s so crucial to your digital marketing success, be sure to use this information wisely.

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