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What are the Benefits of a Plea Bargain

Plea deals offer benefits to both parties involved. For example, if you are facing criminal charges and the prosecutors know they cannot get a conviction from the case with their evidence, they may offer you a deal in order to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. 

Plea deals can help resolve cases more quickly by avoiding a full trial and granting one of two options. The first option is to admit guilt and accept punishment accordingly, so that’s what happens when you plead guilty. The second option is to plead not guilty and have your case heard in front of a judge who decides whether there is enough evidence to convict or not. 

You should always understand the risks involved when accepting a plea bargain. It’s best to talk with your criminal defense attorney before making any major decisions. Keep reading for a few benefits that can come from taking advantage of a plea bargain.

A Reduced Sentence

Your sentence may be less severe if you plead guilty, and this can save you money and time. If you choose to go to trial, you could possibly face a sentence with a large amount of jail time. However, if you plead guilty, the prosecutor and defense lawyer will be able to negotiate for a reduced sentence in exchange for your admission of guilt. 

This could lead to a sentence ranging from probation, less than five years of jail, or no jail time at all. Taking a plea bargain can help you receive a shorter sentence and allow you to move on with your life earlier than you might have expected.

Save Time and Money

Plea bargains can save you significant amounts of money. You’ll have the opportunity to have your case resolved without spending a lot of time and money on an expensive trial. Trials can cost anywhere from $25,000 to over $100,000, but if you choose to accept a plea bargain, these costs can significantly decrease. 

Remove Uncertainty from the Outcome of the Case

By accepting a plea bargain, you remove the uncertainty from what the outcome of your case might look like. If you choose to go to trial, you could be convicted of a crime with a higher punishment and sentencing. However, accepting a plea bargain can remove that uncertainty because you enter an agreement on what the sentence is. Once you, your defense attorney, and the prosecution come to an agreement on the sentencing, you cannot be charged with a more severe crime. Thus, accepting a plea bargain can remove the uncertainty of what your punishment would be. 

A Good Chance to Rebuild Your Life

One of the main benefits of a plea bargain is the chance to rebuild your life. With this one benefit, you can turn your life around. A plea arrangement allows you to restart your life sooner than you might have thought going into the trial. 

Because plea bargains can result in lower sentences and lower costs, you can get back to your life. In some cases, instead of facing any jail time or being sentenced to probation, you might be able to get out without serving any jail time at all. 

With the help of a defense attorney, you can get back to your life with a minimal amount of harm by accepting a plea bargain. 


Plea bargains are a great way to get out of trouble, with a reduced sentence, no more crime on your record, and a chance to rebuild your life. But it’s important to know the legal limits of your plea bargain and what you stand to gain. 

Negotiating and navigating plea bargains can be difficult on your own, and this is why it’s crucial to hire a criminal defense attorney to help defend your case. Without a defense attorney, you – as the defendant – might be pressured to accept an unfair offer from the prosecution. This is why it’s important to hire the services of a strong criminal defense attorney. 

Our attorneys at Hanlon Law Clearwater have extensive experience handling plea bargains. We understand how frustrating criminal trials can be, and we will work with you to earn the best possible outcome for your case. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. 

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