Water Safety for Kids While in the Wild

While enjoying a trip with your kids outdoors, they might want to stop and swim if a lake or pond is found. While you might want to let your kids have the freedom to swim, it’s important to ensure they stay secure while they do so. In fact, it’s important that you know about water safety for kids while in the wild even if you don’t plan for your kids to swim. Sometimes, lakes and rivers can be found alongside trails and your kids may want to play in it. Regardless of if you are expecting water to be around or not, it is important to be prepared. Read on for water safety tips so that you can stay informed. 

Watch Out for Deep Waters

If you’ve found a lake, pond, or stream while exploring, it’s important to consider the potential depth of the water. Since the water might be muddy, you’ll not always be able to see right down to the bottom. Depth isn’t the only issue here — the pool could have rocks, broken glass, or rubbish in them also! It’s better to be over-cautious here and if you do allow your kids to swim, advise them to wear protective shoes and clothes.

Have Them Where a Lifejacket When Needed

Especially if you and your family are taking a boat trip, having your kids wear a life jacket can help keep them safe. Since it is likely you will be in the middle of deeper waters here, you’ll need to be prepared. You don’t want to take the chance in case your kids do end up overboard. While we don’t want to make you think the worst, you should always be ready just in case. Reports show that 400 people drown every year in the UK, so it’s important to bear in mind that it’s always a possibility if the correct measures aren’t taken.

Take Consideration for Currents

If you’re venturing out to a beach while exploring, your kids might want some time to jump in. Always remember that currents could be a problem. Therefore, you’ll want to advise your kids to stay close to the shoreline and not venture out too far.

The direction of currents can be unpredictable and change at any moment on the beach. It’s best to speak with the lifeguard first before allowing your kids to enter the water. Find out how fierce the waves are and what the currents are usually like. If there are flags or boards around the beach that give notice about the water, read them carefully and advise your kids accordingly.

Also, it’s better for your kids to swim facing waves rather than with their back to them. That way, they’ll know what’s ahead of them. Pretend drowning should always be advised against as it could alert the lifeguard who’ll then take precautions. Staying safe means taking care while in the water and sensible play should always be followed.

Don’t Swim Alone

If you can, swim along with your kids. If they have older siblings that are of a responsible age, they could swim with them too. Kids are more likely to behave themselves if an adult is present. So this can be a great way to keep them calm and content while swimming in the wild, whether it’s in a lake or pond. If it is at a beach, you might allow them to swim alone but in an area that’s close to the lifeguard so that they’re close watch over.

Only Swim During Daylight

At night, it’s much more difficult to see what’s in and around the water. Rocks might be missed, or your kids could swim out too far without even realising it. Because of this, it’s always best to swim only during daylight while in the wild with your kids. If it’s starting to get dark, you’re better retreating to your tent if you’re on a camping trip or making your way back to the car to head home. Ensuring your kids are fully visible to you and vice versa will make it easier to ensure they stay safe and secure outdoors.

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