The New vLab at UGA

vlab at uga

The University of Georgia has an amazing new technology in place for students this year called vLab  vLab allows students to access computer resources and software installed on desktop computers at the Miller Learning Center from any location, and any device such as their iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc… from anywhere there’s an internet connection.  The new vLab initiative removes the constraints of having to physically visit the Miller Learning Center to access computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other productivity applications.

How to access vLab at UGA

One common question students are asking is how to access vLab at UGA?  Here’s the steps to take to access the vLab platform:

  1. You have to first visit
  2. Then download Citrix Receiver by clicking on the link and selecting your device.
  3. After successfully installing the Citrix Receiver, then to to
  4. Enter your UGA MyID (the first part of your UGAMail address)
  5. Enter your UGA MyID password
  6. Click on the vLab icon
  7. Citrix Receiver should be launched and you will see a new window open.
  8. When that process is complete, you will be the vLab desktop.

You may now use the vLab just like someone using it in a computer lab.  You may need to click on Citrix Receiver in the task bar or minimize other windows to see the Citrix Receiver Window. The vLab will authenticate you and take you to the vLab desktop.

The great part about using vLab is that it’s “session aware” and will sync your sessions across multiple devices.  This means, if you were at home working through vLab and had to leave, then later you accessed vLab through your iPhone, your session would pick up right where you left off – it’s as if you left your computer on and untouched at the Miller Learning Center, and then came back to it later from your iPhone.

So what do you think about vLab?  

Is vLab contributing to your productivity as a student at UGA?

We’d love to hear your feedback on vLab below…