In this video seo tip I’m going to walk you through some issues I’m having with getting the correct video thumbnail image to appear in Google search results – and share with you a tip I believe I’ve uncovered.  For those of you interested in video SEO, you might find this discovery valuable.  I’ve been testing different ways to best get video snippet thumbnail images to appear in Google search results, along with testing multiple different platforms.  This morning, one of my experiments have proven / taught me a valuable lesson which is don’t use an additional image in your web page where you are embedding your video. 

If you put an additional image on your webpage, along with the embedded video that you want to use for your video SEO, then what I’ve found is that additional image is what’s used by Google as the snippet in the search results.

Here’s the page I’m talking about where I added a video and have been testing my whole video SEO strategy.

And here’s a screenshot of the search result:

Video SEO Thumbnail Snippet in Google

As you can see (if you visited the page I’m referencing) this is not the correct video thumbnail snippet.  The video thumbnail snippet that should be appearing in Google is the orange and black starburst with the profile pic and text.

So what I’m going to do now is remove the additional image from the web page to see what happens with the Google snippet in the search results.  It may be a week or so before I update this post because it takes time for the search results to update.

But stay tuned – I will update this once I see any changes in the search results.