Video Presentation on Video Authorship

Video authorship is one of the most amazing ways to brand your business, product, or service in the organic search results in Google!

One of the things I love seeing in my work here at Bipper Media is when one of my clients suddenly appears at the top of Google for one of their most profitable keyword phrases.  But moreso, not just when they appear in the #1 position in Google, but when they appear AND they have a large branded video thumbnail image that’s causing them to stand out definitively in that #1 position.

Such has been the case recently with one of my clients who’s a personal injury lawyer in Athens, Georgia.  Google the phrase “personal injury lawyer athens” and you should see what I mean.  My client is Michael Daniel from Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire, and his presence at the top of Google for that highly valuable keyword phrase shows you the kind of magic that can happen.  (view the search results here, and the video landing page here).

Here’s a screenshot of my client in the #1 position in Google for “personal injury lawyer athens”:


michael daniel personal injury lawyer athens


Ironically enough, even in hyper competitive markets like “brain injury attorney atlanta”, you still only see lawyers and businesses leveraging Google authorship – which are the smaller profile pictures you see of the attorney.  (view actual search results here, and the video landing page here).

Integrating a large video thumbnail picture allows you to not only present an image that’s about 4 times larger than the Google authorship image, but you can customize the image to be branded to business.  With Google authorship, you have no choice but to use a profile picture of an individual.

Here’s a screenshot of my client, Michael Daniel, appearing in the #1 position in Google for “brain injury attorney atlanta”.  But here you can see the difference between Google authorship and video authorship because both are represented on the page:

brain injury attorney atlanta

But with video authorship – and I’ll just call it video authorship for now, for lack of a better term – you no longer have to be confined to just a personal profile.  You can make your video authorship image with only your company’s logo if you like, of with a combination of the logo and a profile picture.  Basically, with video authorship, you can create whatever image you’d like to appear in Google.

Here’s an example of one of our clients, Riskonnect, who’s leveraging video authorship but is only using their logo as the video thumbnail image.  Again, this is a great example of the flexibility you have when it comes to video authorship in Google search results.  The keyword phrase I’m using here is “risk management software comparison”.  (view the actual search results here and their video landing page here).

risk management software comparison

As you can see, this video authorship image is 100% leveraging the company’s logo – there is no need to have a person’s profile picture presented in the image.  This type of video authorship strategy works out great for a larger company who’s main objective is to brand their business name and logo at the keyword phrase level.

So these are just a few examples of how magic can happen within the search results of Google.  Video authorship opens up a whole new world in the realm of branded exposure within Google search results.  Best of all, this type of branded exposure is possible within the organic search results, that way you aren’t having to rely on spending a ton of money on the paid section of Google Adwords.