There’s very few elements of the web today, if any at all, that are experiencing a more explosive growth curve than video – especially when you isolate mobile video.  Just in the past two years alone, U.S. mobile video viewers increased a whopping 77% to 36 million viewers.  This has a profound effect on every business of ever size and market.  From the smallest mom and pop store to the global corporate giants, mobile video is quickly becoming the medium to connect with new customers, increase brand awareness, and drive more traffic to websites.

First, let’s look at two key elements that are driving this mobile video explosion and then we’ll look at how you, the business owner, can leverage this to drive more traffic to your websites and build your brand.

The two main factors that have contributed to the mobile video revolution more than any other factor are 4G LTE and mobile hardware.  The 4G LTE adoption here in the U.S. is still in its infancy, but the proliferation of this new network speed capability has allowed people to consume more content faster and more efficiently from their mobile device, both from smartphones and from tablets.  

When you have data speed connections that facilitate a high quality user experience on a mobile device such as watching video, then the obvious outcome is more video will be consumed.

Secondly, the hardware for all mobile devices has experienced profound growth in both its capability and power.  All of the mobile devices that are at the top of the best seller’s list, including mobile phones and tablets, have dramatically improve screen resolution, screen size, and inside processing power that combines to deliver an amazing video experience on the device.

So the combination of 4G LTE, and improved hardware, will continue to add to the explosive mobile video consumption that are already experiencing.

How To Use Mobile Video To Drive Traffic To Your Business & Build Your Brand

Recently, data and traffic analytics have been showing me that there’s one particular strategy that’s working quite well at sending increased traffic to client’s websites.  And the strategy is actually pretty simple, but something you need to make a conscious effort at implementing.  And that is, including a link to your website, or targeted landing page within your website, within the meta data of your YouTube videos.

Whenever you create a YouTube video, you are able to include a simple link such as ( within the description meta data text box.  Adding this link at the end of your description, and keeping your description short and sweet so as not to hide your URL from initial video page views, is a powerful and simple process to implement.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about from one of our clients:


As you can see, the impact of simply adding a link to the YouTube videos has allowed YouTube to become the #1 social referral source for this particular website.  Not to mention the amount of exposure and brand awareness that’s been driven to this business as a result of the views.  Combined with the proliferation of mobile video consumption, and you now have the recipe for an effective mobile video marketing strategy.

Again, this works for any business of any size.