Top 3 Moments of UGA’s 2022 Season

Bye Week. The two dreaded words that sports fanatics hate to hear. Why use them when there’s so many better two word phrases such as, “Go Dawgs!” and “UGA Victory.” However, we do want our Dawgs healthy as they march toward back to back titles and hopefully Jalen Carter returns soon. Kirby said he doesn’t feel great about Carter coming back for the Florida game, but if he is back for the November 5th game against Tennessee that will be a big game. Georgia is getting ready to host the best offense in the SEC, and they need all the defense they can get. Even without its best defender, UGA is 7-0, ranked #1 in the nation, and has seemingly returned to its former glory, so let’s count down the top moments of the season thus far!

The Countdown Begins

Out of UGA’s 7 games thus far, UGA dominated the first three, disappointingly played down to their competition in the next two, and then reasserted their title over the last two games. UGA held a short lived ranking of #2 in the AP poll after nearly losing to Mizzou, but thanks to a blowout in Athens and a win in the deep South’s oldest rivalry, the #1 spot is once again Georgia’s to lose. 

4th Quarter v.s Auburn

UGA started off slow against Auburn. The turnover troubles that had been plaguing UGA for the two weeks prior to this game continued, along with the miscues, and misthrows. The game was tied 0-0 twenty minutes in, and UGA only had a 14-0 lead at halftime. A two possession lead is nothing to sneeze out; however, when the spread is 30+ points clearly Georgia was underperforming. Georgia scored another touchdown midway through the third to take a 21-3 lead. 

Now, in the 15 minutes of the final period, Georgia came alive. A fire was started in the soul of the team. Georgia scored 21 points in 10 minutes. First Stetson Bennett gashed them on the ground for a 63 yard touchdown score. Then Daijun Edwards ran it in for his third score of the day. Not even three minutes later, that score followed an Auburn three and out. Branson Robinson added in a final score with roughly 5 minutes left in the game on a nice 15 yard run where he just barreled into the endzone. 21 points in 10 minutes to blow out Auburn by 32, that was fun to watch. 

[Photo Credit: CBS] Branson Robinson powers into the endzone

Brock Bowers Explosion v.s South Carolina

The University of Georgia continued to look strong as they cruised to a 48-7 victory on Saturday v.s. South Carolina. Spencer Rattler was the second ranked SEC quarterback before the beginning of the season. However, our defense made him look completely unqualified for this title as he barely completed 50% of his passes for a mere 100 yards and also threw a pair of interceptions. The defense was impressive, but this game should really be entitled “The Brock Bowers Show.” 

The star tight end broke out for 122 total yards equating to 3 touchdowns in only 3 quarters of game play. If the Heisman wasn’t such a QB centered award, Bowers would definitely be favored in the early running. The first touchdown of the game came on a 5 yard Brock Bowers run. 

Stet handed it off to Kenny Mcintosh on an outside handoff to the left. Mcintosh ran about a yard who handed it off to Bowers who was running the same play just on a reverse to the other side. Bowers turned the corner with inhuman speed and simply beat his defender to the endzone. Bower’s second touchdown of the game was an awe inspiring catch in the beginning of the second. Facing one-on-one coverage on third and goal from the six, Bowers essentially evades his defender and makes a beautiful catch coming down with both feet in bounds for six points. 

Bower’s third and final touchdown of the game came in the beginning of the third. It was a simple throw and catch in which Bowers simply beat every defender on the field in a footrace into the endzone. A 6 ‘4 230lb tight end who can run a 4.5 forty is simply unfair, so let’s thank our lucky stars he committed to Georgia and not anywhere else. After the third score, UGA was up 31-0 and Bower’s day was essentially over. However, 122 yards and 3 touchdowns is a great day for anyone, and it was indeed a great day for Dawgs fans around the country. 

[Photo Credit: ESPN] Bowers defeats the defender in the endzone   


Ultimately, I believe UGA’s 49-7 blowout over Oregon to start the season is the best moment of Georgia’s season so far. 

UGA Beats Oregon; 49-3

January 10, 2022: The University of Georgia defeated the University of Alabama to win the national championship 33-18.

September 9: 2022: The University of Georgia (ranked 3 after winning the national championship) are picked as an upset to lose to number 11 Oregon. 

Many critics thought Georgia would not be as good as they were last year. The talk all off-season was that Georgia had lost too much defensive star power to the NFL and they would not be able to hang with the “big bads” of the SEC. Critics were also doubting Stetson Bennet’s ability to win big games. Then Georgia came out the gate and proved everyone wrong. The defense harassed Bo Nix all afternoon, including forcing a pair of interceptions, the offense simply could not be stopped, and all the critics watched, aghast as their predictions were completely disproven. 

[Photo Credit: ESPN] Darnell Washington hurdle   


Honorable mentions:

A few honorable mentions of amazing things that have occurred this season:

  • Tennessee beats Alabama. If Georgia beats Tennessee next week has Georgia officially replaced Alabama as the team to fear in the SEC? 
  • UGA shuts out Samford in first home game of the season
  • Georgia scores 55 on Vanderbilt to break out of offensive struggles
  • Brock Bowers 130 total yards and 2 touchdowns vs Kent State

Certainly it has been a great season so far. GO DAWGS!

Arkesh Ray
Arkesh Ray
I am a sophomore at The University of Georgia who is currently studying MIS. I have a passion for sports and my favorite teams are the Falcons,Hawks,Braves and Bulldogs.


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