Journey into a Forbidden Space: Ridley Scott’s Thelma and Louise

From the early beginnings of folklore through Little Red Riding Hood, the tale of a young girl who ventures out into the forbidden woods alone, to the cinematic American road story of two female outlaw heroines in Ridley Scotts Thelma and Louise, art and literature have presented various ideas involving women as they venture into an unknown or forbidden space. In Scott’s film, Thelma and Louise explore a world outside of their original suppressed lives where they become killers, robbers, and thrill seeking fugitives who ultimately stand up for the rights of women.  In the movie the protagonists are attempting to reach an unknown space, which is Mexico, a space that promises both women a new chance at their once caged in lives and a true chance to escape arrest. Ultimately, Mexico represents an unfamiliar space of hope, ambition, and safety for both characters who want to flee their pessimistic society.  In the film Thelma and Louise represent two [...]