link building seoA massage therapist called me the other day because they were extremely frustrated…

There was 2 things they just could not understand, and those were:

1.  Why their business wasn’t ranking at the top of Google Maps / Google local search

2.  Why their competitor was seemingly dominating Google search… no matter what they searched, their competitor was #1 across the board.

They were so frustrated… 

And perhaps the most frustrating thing to this person was that their competitor’s website was terrible — it looked like it was built in Yahoo SiteBuilder in the early 2000’s!

So what gives here…?

How does a relatively no name business, with a terrible website and no reviews, outrank every other competitor in the market?

I have 1 word for you my friends….


So while this person was venting about their business and the competitor’s rankings, I doing a quick, on the fly analysis of these businesses.

And here’s what I found

(it’s super interesting, and fascinating, and it’s why I’m sharing it with you!)

The massage therapist who was all frustrated had over 300 backlinks pointing to their website.

So there was over 300 links from other websites pointing back to their website.

Not bad, right?


None of these 300 backlinks were coming from a website that had over a 20 DA… that’s a domain authority level of 20.

Which means the 300 backlinks were all coming from low level / low authority sites.

Now guess how many backlinks the competitor has that was dominating #1 in Google for the profitable, most competitive keyword phrases in their market….?


Yep, that’s right… there competitor literally had 1 backlink pointing to their website.

But guess what (and this is the extremely important part of the story…)

That one backlink was coming from a site that had a DA 44.

This means, the one backlink the competitor had — the one that was absolutely dominating Google search — carried 2X the amount of the authority than the 300 backlinks put together that the frustrated massage therapist had.

That’s right — one DA 40 backlink is enough, in their market, for that business to dominant Google search… and literally leave all other competitors behind in the dust.

Crazy, isn’t it?

It’s crazy how one DA 40+ backlink can carry so much weight that it can cause one business to dominate an entire market in Google search.

But it’s also 100% reality when it comes to Google search.

As I saw in this case, just one high DA level backlink can carry more weight than all other DA 20 or less backlinks combined.

Now, the story would be completely different if the frustrated massage therapist has DA 60, DA 70, or even DA 90 level backlinks.

Because then, that DA 40 backlink would be left in the dust by the more authoritative backlinks.

And that’s the reality, and power, and just 1 backlink!

So if you are struggling in Google search today…

And you are frustrated, like this massage therapist was, about your seemingly low quality competitors dominating Google search.

I’m willing to bet that if we dug into the data, we would find that the competitors are more than likely carrying higher DA level backlinks.

So with that being said, hopefully I can encourage you with this opportunity…

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