I’ll admit it, Bipper Media’s Facebook page is still pretty new – just like BipperMedia.com.

Even though the site’s been up for about 6 months now, it’s really only been the last two months where I’ve working with clients on content marketing.  And I guess it’s because I’m starting over with Facebook page that I’m realizing there are some key thresholds as a page admin that are very important in the life of your Facebook Fan Page.

The magic of 25 Facebook Fan Page fans

Take the #25 for instance:  once you’ve hit 25 fans, you are then able to create your own customer username / URL for your Facebook fan page.

This is pretty important because you can then start branding your Facebook page to your business – for example, Facebook.com/BipperMedia.

Being able to brand your Facebook page with a custom URL allows you to do things like update your business cards, letter head, and other printed material where you can promote your page.

It’s also a whole lot easier to add a custom Facebook page URL to your email signature block!

The magic of 30 Facebook Fan Page fans

And the #30:  Once you hit your 30th fan on Facebook, then a whole new world if information opens up to you.  You’ll then be able to view the Facebook insights for your page.

This will tell you what updates are generating the most engagement, the demographics of your fan page (i.e. women, aged 25 – 30), and what days of the week are more popular than others.

I also noticed that once I hit my 30th fan, there was a neat little section in the lower right hand corner of the admin section at the top where, with one click, I could be inviting friends to join my page.

Here’s what I’m talking about – and I’m not sure if that’s always been there or not, but I just started noticing when I hit 30 fans:

You see the “Invite Friends” in the lower right hand corner?  Not sure, but I don’t recall seeing that until I hit the 30th fan.

Anyway, this is all pretty cool to me because I’ve ran projects where I’ve grown Facebook fan pages pretty quickly:

  1. I grew the “Boycott Ralph” Facebook page to over 6500 fans in less than 48 hours.
  2. I grew the Social Media SEO Facebook page to ver 5000 fans in less than 2 years.

Much different set of circumstances in both cases, but still the same – fast, efficient growth.

And now that I’m here with my brand new baby – Bipper Media – I’m once again experiencing the new’ness of creating and growing a Facebook page.

What about you?  Have you experienced the same things at 25 fans, 30 fans, or some other number?