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As you know it, the advantage of social media channels to businesses, particularly to startups, and the value it holds to those who are about to enter the hostile world of marketing is undeniably huge.

According to B2C, 84% of American businesses use social media platforms as one of their marketing arsenals.

And half of these companies report an increase in ROI upon using social media channels to promote their products and services.

Notwithstanding, the platform for social media marketing is ever-changing, it’s never stagnant. Social media platforms keep evolving so fast. It’s the core reason why keeping track of these changes is a vital move for any startup to become successful.

Below are the important trends according to experts from Johnny internet marketing that marketers and business owners alike should keep track to level the playing field and stay relevant in the marketing arena.

Utilization of  Real-Time Engagement

It’s no longer undeniable that consumers right now are hungry for faster responses from brands on social media channels.

As a matter of fact, a study facilitated among Twitter users, over half of the consumers expect their choice of brands to respond after an hour of reaching out. Those brands with quick response time have a higher probability of achieving higher ROI from their social media stunts.

The act of harnessing social listening tools will guarantee your engagement with the consumers which helps your brand to grow. It also provides an advanced platform for interacting with the potential clients.

E-commerce Invasion on Social Channels

E-Commerce SEO

Most traditional social media platforms now work as E-commerce sites which allow the consumers to shop and purchase items on online retail websites. For example, Youtube and Facebook introduced their 360 Ads to enhance the customer experience while Pinterest keeps battling headway with its purchasable pins.

The incorporation of traditional social media, WordPress SEO or even blogger outreach tools to E-commerce structures becomes the breeding ground for other unconventional businesses. For instance, various companies get you inexpensive Twitter followers, Instagram likes or Facebook shares to boost the visibility of your startup.

Revving Up Cross-Platform Optimization

Cross Platform SEO Optimization

When you refuse to transport your brand to mobile platforms, you will lose the opportunity to engage with 58% of the users across North America, 52% in North America and 46% in Central America, whose majority of the population uses mobile devices to access their social media accounts.

Mobilization is a significant factor for social media marketing and businesses to stay relevant in the upcoming years. In addition to mobile devices, the presence of IoT (Internet of Things) is also creating a buzz in social media marketing.

Furthermore, more than 20% of US citizens right now have at least one wearable device that is Internet-ready. It means that users can now access their social media accounts through smart wearable devices.

The Monopolization of SEO

Monopolization of SEO

Contents in social media play a secondary role in search engine rankings. Shares, reviews, and comments from your social channels can influence your search engine rankings. Hence,  businesses that harness their Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms are more likely to reap visibility online. The utilization of starting an SEO marketing is visible on various blogger outreach campaigns.

Domination of Data Analysis

Data Analysis is a significant factor in a successful marketing campaign in social media. Marketers use pieces of information acquired from social media platforms to customize products and services.

Data also provides additional opportunities to create long-lasting customer engagement which is more beneficial compared to sales on a short-term basis.

Of  course, when it comes to digital marketing, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” to all campaigns. What might work for your brand might not work for others. To shed some light with this matter, check out the quick infographic below.

Social Media Marketing Campaign Infographic


As always, the challenge for companies to generate compelling ads to drive conversions is always a tricky road to tread. Companies need to focus more on conveying the messages of their brands to the consumers while working hard to stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, brands should concentrate in incorporating the trends into their social media game plan to expand their reach and consumer base.

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