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The Future of Local SEO Is Here!

The future of local SEO is defined by mobile phone users, refined ‘near me’ Google search algorithms, and an exploding surge in searches being conducted from Google’s mobile search app.  More searches are now being conducted via mobile phones than from desktop computers.  And statistics show that the top 3 local search results get the overwhelming majority of calls and taps for directions to their locations.

So whether you are a locally owned business with one location, or an enterprise company with hundreds of locations around the world, reaching your customer at the exact moment they are searching for is key to driving increased traffic, leads, and sales.

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There have been two key local SEO updates in the past year that are critical to your success:

#1:  Google now only shows the top 3 local search results on desktop and mobile phones

The first critical update made by Google over the past year regarding the local search results is they now only show the top 3 local search results for any locally targeted search.  This means, if your local business is not found in letter A, B, or C in the local search results, your business will be overlooked by the majority of customers.

Here’s a screenshot of what the top 3 local search results looks like now:

Local SEO Top 3 Search Results

Notice how on the only the top 3 local search results are displayed on both the desktop and mobile phone version of the search results.  This is fundamental shift from the past when Google would display the top 7 local search results, previously known as the “7-pack”.

The new default local search results only shows the “3-pack”, and these businesses are capturing nearly 100% of the calls and clicks from customers searching in local markets.

#2:  Google Mobile Algorithm Update

The second key update made by Google this past year is in their mobile search algorithm.  This update has come to be known as “Mobilegeddon”, references the impending doom brought on businesses that do not have a mobile optimized, or mobile friendly version of their website.

Google’s mobile algorithm update is designed to do two things:

  1. Demote websites that are not mobile friendly.
  2. Promote, or give favor, to websites that are mobile friendly.

Your business website can be highly optimized, even ranking #1, for your targeted keyword phrase.  But if your website is not mobile friendly, then you probably have seen a dramatic drop in your mobile traffic and exposure in the search results.

However, if your website is mobile friendly and conforms nicely on any device, then you may have seen an increasing in rankings in Google’s mobile search results.

Couple this with the fact that more searches are being conducted via mobile phones than desktop computers, and you see why Google is placing such as big emphasis on mobile search optimization.

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