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Approximately 71% of small businesses have a website. This is up from a mere 50% in 2018. But having a website isn’t a proverbial silver bullet, since 38% of people will exit a website if they deem it to be poorly designed.

So, you’ll need an effective website so that consumers can easily buy whatever products or services you sell.

But that begs the question — what type of website is right for your business? In order to arrive at an answer, you’ll want to know about the types of websites that small businesses can use to establish an online presence.

Here’s a look at some specific kinds of websites you can get for your company.

Types of Websites Include E-Commerce Websites

One of the most common types of websites for businesses is an e-commerce website. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location and want an online presence, or you plan to sell solely online, an e-commerce site makes sense.

More and more people are doing their shopping online. The Coronavirus-inspired lockdowns helped fuel the e-commerce trend. While things are loosening up somewhat, people are still shopping online in droves.

If you don’t have a website where consumers can shop, you’re leaving money on the table. So, it makes sense to consider whether or not an e-commerce website is what your business needs.

You can hire a web development firm to create an effective online storefront with convenient and secure payment options for your customers.

Lead Generation Websites

One of the best websites is a lead generation website. If you ask any marketer, you’ll likely find out that lead generation is a key priority.

It’s the process by which your business can attract prospective clients, pique their interests in products or services, and ultimately get them to the point where they’re ready to make buying decisions.

Your lead generation website should build confidence and encourage people to return to your website. You can generate leads through white papers, email marketing, webinars, online networking, and more.

Executed correctly, you can create a healthy pipeline of consumers who are ready to make purchases.

Brochure Website

Why should you consider a brochure website for your business? If you have a limited budget and can’t afford a feature-rich site, then you might want to go with a brochure website.

If you only need a simple website and won’t need to make frequent changes, then a brochure website will fit the bill. It’s simpler than other kinds of websites. This will translate into a lower price to get one built for you.

This option can be ideal if your company’s products or services can’t be sold on the internet. For instance, if you run an auto repair facility, your customers will generally have to come to your place of business to get what they want.

So, a brochure website that simply outlines your value proposition, lists your products and services, and informs them where you’re located will be enough.

Magazine Websites

You might be wondering what a magazine website is. It’s the sort of site that incorporates content, videos, and pictures designed to enlighten and entertain.

A magazine website is somewhat similar to a brochure website. The primary difference is that the former is more advanced than the latter.

If your company markets products or services from numerous manufacturers, a magazine website is often a great choice. It takes skill to properly build such a site. So, you’ll want to hire someone who knows how to build a website.

Specifically, they should have demonstrable expertise in creating magazine websites. You can ask them for examples before choosing a service provider.

Blog Websites

Blog websites, which include articles, videos, and pictures, are similar to magazine websites. While many people use the terms interchangeably, blog websites tend to be more informal than magazine websites.

Keep in mind that a blog site will only be successful over the long term if you update it regularly with useful content that your audience can relate to.

So, when finding a web developer who knows how to design a website, ensure that you find out whether or not they can help with your content strategy.

The right company will help you create the right content. This will include local SEO elements to ensure that your target demographic gets the message.

Landing Pages

When launching marking campaigns, you’ll want to create landing pages. Landing pages are web pages designed to get visitors to pursue a specific course of action. So, these pages include calls to action.

It’s important that you focus on gaining trust, imparting information persuasively to facility proper decision-making, and then call for a decision.

Portfolio Websites

Are you a business person involved in creative endeavors? If you happen to be a photographer, filmmaker, carpenter, painter, or something else along these lines, then a portfolio website might be the best type of website for you.

It will allow you to showcase your work. You’ll be able to incorporate pictures, content, and videos in a way that shines a light on your creative projects.

For best results, explore different layout options, design elements, and placement techniques. You’ll be able to draw more interest to your site.

Social Media Websites

If you’re not tapping into social media, you’re really missing out because a lot of business is generated via popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

You can set up accounts on the platforms that make the most sense for your company. Then you’ll want to focus on creating content that piques the interest of your audience, and this can lead to social media shares.

When focusing on your content strategy, consider articles, memes, and videos.

Which Type of Website is Best for Your Company?

Does your company have a website? If not, why not? And if it does, is it the right type? As you can see, there are different types of websites for businesses. One size doesn’t fit all. So, you’ll want to find the right fit.

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