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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Now that the holiday season has come to end, stores are lining their shelves with heart chocolate boxes and cuddly teddy bears. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of what sort of gifts you want to give to your significant other to make this Valentine’s day memorable! You don’t want to give them something too corny or too “love-themed,” so here’s a list of a few not SUPER cheesy ideas of things they can use or look at every day. 


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This is a sweet and personal gift idea that you can give to not only your partner but also your family and friends. The idea is that you choose a date that is important to you and your partner, like maybe an anniversary, and create a map of what the stars looked like on that day. You can even create multiple maps with multiple anniversaries celebrating different things, or a constellation map of the night of their birthday, etc. You can create the map itself for free here by inputting the location coordinates (which can easily be found through Google Maps or any other site), the date and year, and the time (optional). Then, after downloading the map, you can put it on a site like Canva (that’s what I use), make a poster and personalize the colors, fonts, and what you want it to say underneath. 


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A great and creative gift idea is to use special songs between the both of you on Spotify and put them onto a poster or glass frame to display in your or your partner’s room. If the two of you have a special playlist between two you, or a first dance song you both love, get the code and display it as a gift! To get the code, go to Spotify and choose a song. Then click the little three dots on the far right of the name of the song. When you see the image of the song at the top, right below it is a bar with the Spotify symbol and some lines – and that’s the code! You can print this out on anything, or find someone online to do it for you. 


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This is a great and personable gift idea, and also something that can be worn by you and your partner every day. Morse code bracelets can be found online, or even handmade by some artists on sites like Etsy! You can even make them by yourself if you know a little Morse code (or know how to Google Morse code). All you have to do is use 2 different colored beads. The best part is, you can write out anything you want in code on the bracelet, and it would just be a little secret between the two of you!  


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Okay, so yes this gift might be more on the cheesy side, but hey, it’s Valentine’s day, so no shame in that. You can find matching mugs in any colors, designs, shapes, and sizes that best suit you and your partner. The best part is that you can even take this adorable and cheesy present idea and turn it into a date night. You can go to pottery places to make your mug or choose a premade mug to paint and decorate however you both desire. You can each help the other paint the mugs or paint your own and then switch at the end! The opportunities are endless!




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