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Taylor, Lee & Associates LLC

Taylor, Lee & Associates LLC

Norcross, GA 30071


Taylor, Lee & Associates LLC

At Taylor Lee & Associates LLC, we take pride in being approachable and honest. Our firm was established in 2002 when our founders realized that Atlanta’s immigrant community needed an advocate.

Since then, we have represented thousands of people in the full range of immigration matters, ranging from naturalization to removal proceedings. Our practice has also evolved to handle other legal matters — such as criminal charges — that may affect immigration status.

Turn to Taylor Lee & Associates LLC in Atlanta. Our criminal defense lawyers have significant experience with plea negotiations, criminal bench trials and jury trials across Georgia. We are available to handle matters related to federal charges as well as state felonies, misdemeanors and traffic-related offenses.

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Taylor, Lee & Associates LLC
6855 Jimmy Carter Blvd #2150
Norcross, GA 30071
(770) 650-7200

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Taylor, Lee & Associates LLC

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