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10 Best Tampa Criminal Defense Attorneys

Facing criminal charges is never a pleasant experience. Whether you’re innocent or guilty, it is always a good idea or has an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. They understand the details of the criminal justice system and provide their clients with the best way out.

Not hiring a capable defense lawyer means you will need to do everything yourself, from talking to the police officer to filing the paperwork. It can cause a lot of stress not just to yourself but to your family & friends. Therefore, it is always better to hire a reliable criminal defense attorney.

Here are the best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa, Florida:

Hanlon Law 

If you have been charged with a crime or are under suspicion, determining your situation and the defenses available to you can be highly complex. Hanlon Law’s best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa can get you out of it. They have frequently defended people with different crime charges such as sex offenses, drug crimes, theft, etc.

They have experience spanning decades of defending people through his legal knowledge and courtroom skills. They explore every angle of the situation and propose the most effective way out to save the client’s future.

Location for Hanlon Law

210 N Pierce St
Tampa, FL 33602
Website: https://www.criminalattorneytampa.net/

Review for Hanlon Law

William Hanlon is the definition of an excellent Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney! He has exceeded our family’s expectations overly & abundantly. If you are looking for a bold, straight shooter, no-nonsense lawyer that is completely on your side, he is the man. Not only was he great, but his staff was as well. The entire process was smooth & reassuring from the first call to the same-day consultation. We arrived in his office afraid for my son’s future, this was a life-shattering situation for our entire family. When we met with Mr. Hanlon, our fears & concerns were quickly calmed with reassurance from Mr. Hanlon that he was going to do all that he could do to make sure no charges would be filed against my son. 

We didn’t leave his office feeling the same way we entered it, we left encouraged, & confident that my son’s future was in good hands, we picked the right Attorney.  In less than 1 month, no charges were filed against my son.  We are extremely pleased & grateful for Attorney Hanlon. We cannot thank him enough for giving my son his life back. Trust & believe if you need a bold, no-nonsense, fast working Attorney who will do what he says he will do, Will Hanlon is the lawyer for you!” – Davina Farano

William B. Wynne, Tampa Criminal Attorney

William B. Wynne is a well-known name for providing high-quality legal assistance through the best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa. The legal system can be really complex even for educated citizens, and that’s where this law firm comes to your rescue. They firmly believe that everyone has a right to a fair trial and nobody is guilty until they’re proven so.

Your case won’t be delegated to less qualified lawyers to cut costs. Instead, the best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa will continuously stay in touch with you to keep you updated as the case progresses. Their goal is always to get the case dismissed, so they closely analyze the case and determine its strengths and weaknesses to get the best outcome.

Location for William B. Wynne

William B. Wynne
2501 Orient Rd, Suite D
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 532-5057
Website: https://www.yourtampacriminallawyer.com/

Review for William B. Wynne

“The Best Attorney! Mr. Wynn was on our case immediately. Everything that he said he would do and happened did. He kept in contact all the time. He talked me through every question I had until I understood everything fully. He showed compassion and patience, and I never felt rushed. Just a genuinely nice guy. I never met an attorney like him, You won’t be disappointed.” – Lisa Kogan

Musca Law 

Musca Law criminal defense attorneys serve their clients throughout Florida. You can reach out to Musca Law at any stage, from the pending warrant to formal charges. Their best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa are always ready to assist you and protect your legal rights.

Their legal philosophy relies on unpacking the case and studying it deeply. Doing that helps them understand the strengths and weaknesses through which they can make evidentiary challenges. Secondly, they communicate with you proactively and regularly update you about the status of your case. 

Their best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa work on a case as a team which helps them defend their position aggressively. They even make themselves available in the evenings and on weekends to facilitate their clients. With a combined experience of more than 150 years, Musca Law is amongst the best choices you can make.

Location for Musca Law

Musca Law
625 E Twiggs St Suite 1000 Unit 117
Tampa, FL 33602
(888) 484-5057
Website: https://www.muscalaw.com/

Review for Musca Law

Hello and greetings to those that took the time in their day to read my message. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Peterson Oliviera. Honestly, I was in need of a team that I can  depend on. I came across Muscalaw.com and called the number on their website. Once the phone was answered and after a few minutes of speaking about the situation, I was in. I was more confident in the decision that I made from start to end. The reason why I was so confident was that they kept me informed and up to date. When they understand that everyone is human and makes mistakes which do happen to the best of us. 

From that moment I know I choose the right team. The time and effort along with the energy they put into fighting my case from start to end are greatly appreciated. They understood the assessment clearly and handle the work leaving me in a state of ensuring that I was in good hands. Honestly, they kept every word in every conversation I had with them. No matter what time of the day or night there was always someone on the other end of the line ready to assist me which was a plus. No matter what random question you may have to ask that’s related to your case. Without a doubt, I’ll recommend having this great team stand by your side. A team that has your back.” – Pluto001 pluto

Daniel J. Fernandez, Criminal Defense Attorney

This law firm was nominated for the best small businesses award by the Tampa Chamber of Commerce. It shows that they do their job seriously and strive to get the best possible results for their clients. Both Daniel J. Fernandez and Martin J. Hernandez are amongst the best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa. Their work and experience have been acknowledged by independent legal authorities as well as their peers.

They deeply respect their clients and are willing to go the extra mile for them. They have collectively been involved in more than 500 cases, which speaks a lot about their commitment and dedication. From the minute a client contacts them, they instantly spring into action and do what’s needed to have a favorable outcome from the case.

Location for Daniel J. Fernandez

Daniel J. Fernande
3003 W Azeele St. Ste 200
Tampa, Florida 33609
(813) 229-5353
Website: https://criminaldefenselawyertampa.com/get-in-touch-with-us/

Review for Daniel J. Fernandez: 

Thank you to attorney Daniel Fernandez and Austin for their great work with my mother’s case. They were professional and explained everything in Spanish about what that they were going to do with her case assuring me everything was going to be okay. Told My family to continue with life like nothing happened. He sure made that HAPPEN. I  absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs a lawyer.

Thank you so much!” – Rose Vargas

Mayberry Law Firm 

Mayberry Law Firm believes that someone isn’t a criminal just because they have been accused of a crime. Their lawyers are members of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys where breaking legal trends in Florida are discussed regularly.

Their lawyers are known for their Midwestern work ethic and down-to-earth approach when dealing with clients. They have an experienced team of the best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa practicing in the Federal Court of the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Bay County, Circuit Courts, violence courts, and traffic courts.

Location for Mayberry Law Firm

Mayberry Law Firm
3902 Henderson Blvd #208-136
Tampa, FL 33629
(813) 444-7435
Website: https://www.tampafloridacriminallawyer.com/

Review for Mayberry Law Firm

First and foremost, you should know I really only leave reviews if I receive a horrendous experience (because I want to save others from wasting their time), or if the experience was beyond any expectations I could have imagined and the company and/or person deserves a stand-up ovation review. I think in 2022 a review holds its weight.

Jason Mayberry was by far the most professional, understanding, logical, and READY-to-act lawyer that I have quite possibly ever met. From the moment we got on the phone Jason confirmed he was taking on new clients and proceeded to ask how he could help. After laying out a personal family matter to him he quickly had a plan of action. His quick thinking and ability to explain his process were reassuring that we would have the best care and representation for our situation. Jason quickly went to work to remediate and file documents with the courts. He didn’t waste any time, we genuinely felt like a top priority, and I believe we were.

Honestly, I am not used to this quality of workmanship or compassion in our day and age. Jason is a stand-up attorney and my family could not recommend him more. There are not enough words to describe his work ethic and professionalism. If you’re looking for someone who actually puts YOU first, look no further.” – Ashley Castleberry

Mike G Law Firm 

Mike G firm has handled thousands of cases till date, thanks to the best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa. Their experience in the criminal defense space allows them to understand how the police and judges view the circumstances of a case. Martin-Hubbell has rated them as AV Preeminent* which is their highest rating.

Their members have been State Attorneys, an experience that gives them the perspective of both sides. Looking at the picture from both sides can give valuable insights to any attorney. Similarly, their work with the Police also brings an understanding of how they might be evaluating you.

They have a reputation for being “no-nonsense” lawyers who fight for his clients and strive to save their reputations. Their time with the police and the court has earned them immense respect and credibility.

Location for Mike G Law Firm

Mike G Law Firm
1005 N Marion St. #118
Tampa, FL 33602
Website: https://www.mikeglaw.com/

Review for Mike G Law Firm

I had reached out to Mike G Law in a time of need and desperation. I was unsure of what the future held for me, and my family. Upon calling I was greeted promptly by what I would describe as a warm professional. My family asked about the call. I said he sounds very confident and understanding. I would grow to understand how right I was. I had made calls to Mike day and night and he answered every call. I felt safe and confident with this man. When I meet with him in person I knew he was the only person I would use. I never felt lied to or hurried through this process. I really felt like Mike was fighting for me and my future. What an amazing individual. I can’t say enough great things about him. If you need someone to fight for you use Mike G Law.” – Dominick Altieri

Finebloom & Haenel 

Finebloom & Haenel have the best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa committed to defending their clients. They have a team of former public defenders and state prosecutors who understand both sides of the story. Their clients feel confident about their cases, thanks to the efforts Finebloom & Haenel put into their work.

During his illustrious history, they have learned how to save DUI offenders. Similarly, they have former public defenders with immense experience in State & Federal Courts in Florida. They have been well known to get the best possible results for their clients no matter how tough the situation.

Location for Finebloom & Haenel

Finebloom & Haenel
3426 West Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33609
855 6985668
Website: http://tampa.fightyourdui.com/

Review for Finebloom & Haenel

I was arrested for a DUI in November 2012 based on an overzealous Sheriff’s Deputy who has since resigned. Initially, I spoke with Jeremy Simon and found him to be a very caring, understanding, and knowledgeable person. In addition, my case was handled by AnneMarie Rizzo, who exhibited the same. I can honestly say without AnneMarie and Jeremy I don’t know what I would have done. They doggedly pursued the truth and worked very diligently on my behalf and due to their considerable efforts, as of today, my case was dismissed. This was the outcome I was hoping for but didn’t think was in the cards. I will forever be in their debt and will recommend them highly without any reservations! They are both a huge asset to this firm!” –  Tracy Schofield 

Taracks & Associates 

Taracks & Associates believes in providing an energetic and dedicated representation to its clients. The best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa have extensive criminal defense experience and have handled hundreds of trials in criminal matters. They analyze a case effectively and find the best way to present it before the jury.

They critically evaluate the evidence against their clients such as lab reports, witness statements, police procedures, etc. By challenging the credibility of the evidence, they make a strong case for their clients and try their best to protect their rights. Their goal is to keep the interest of the clients and their families in mind and navigate the case accordingly.

Location for Taracks & Associates

Taracks & Associates
3210 W. Cypress St.
Tampa, FL 33607
Website: https://www.theadvocateforyou.com/

Review for Taracks & Associates

I sought out legal help when I received my 2nd DUI. I called around and had a lot of conversations with lawyers every single one tried to convince me to hire them by putting doubt and fear in me and making me feel pressured to hire them quickly. Then I had a conversation with Barry he was calm and collected and made me feel at peace and safe that’s when I decided to go with him. He didn’t make me feel pressured just listened and gave advice! Fast forward we had court today facing a LEVEL 2 Dui and he got it reduced to careless driving with no points on my license. I was truly shocked and grateful. I had my charge dropped and reduced he is amazing at what he does and really cares about his clients. I never write reviews but I just had to for him if you are searching for a great lawyer you found your guy!” – Dominique Ramirez 

Brunvand Wise 

Brunvand Wise has built a successful track record in the criminal defense space, thanks to their expertise and drive. The capable team of the best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa understands what a criminal conviction can do to someone’s life, so they always strive to secure the best potential outcome for their clients. This could be dropped charges, acquittal, or no charges.

By taking a proactive approach, they ensure to inform their clients about every stage of the process. Sometimes their approach leads to a push for pretrial intervention, which they never shy from to protect their clients. Their best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa Have tons of experience that surely impacts the way your case is handled.

Location for Brunvand Wise

Brunvand Wise
1710 N 19th Street Unit 210
Tampa, FL 33605
Website: https://www.acquitter.com/

Review for Brunvand Wise

I have known Bjorn for over twenty-five years. He is both a family friend and a trusted adviser. I regularly refer new clients to him and he has always fought passionately for his clients.  Having grown up in the area, there have been multiple occasions over the last twenty-five years that Bjorn has stopped in the courthouse to help someone simply because they knew me. He is truly an expert at his craft.” – Stefan Moroney

Brian Palacios Law 

The Brian Palacios firm has the best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa with extensive experience in handling criminal defense cases. From DUIs to murder, they have dealt with all sorts of criminal offenses and have defended their clients successfully. After launching the firm in 2020, they have handled everything professionally & successfully. 

Their lawyers are members of the Florida Bar and are licensed to practice in Florida. Hiring the right attorney is critical as it is the make-or-break factor for your case. Having a well-reputed firm like Brian Palacios can make all the difference, as they know how to get the maximum out of the trial for their clients.

Location for Brian Palacios Law

Brian Palacios
3502 Henderson Blvd., Suite 210
Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 461-3457
Website: https://brianpalacioslaw.com/

Review for Brian Palacios Law

Working with Brian Palacios was one of the best decisions I have made. He was respectful, compassionate, and considerate, he listened to all of my concerns. He took the time to explain all pertinent information to me in a way that was easy for me to understand. This was very helpful and greatly eased my own personal fears and concerns. I suffered from a lot of anxiety surrounding my situation and speaking to a lawyer could be stressful and worsen my anxiety. However, Brian made it very easy to talk with him anytime I needed to. He has a very positive and supportive energy that eased a very difficult time for me. From what I have seen and experienced, he treats each and every case and person as a priority. You will never feel like just a job to him, you will be heard, respected, and prioritized. He was able to resolve my case and have it reduced. If you hire him, you will not be disappointed!” – Lauren M.


Q: How can a criminal defense lawyer help me?

A: Criminal defense best criminal defense lawyers in Tampaawyers are experts at analyzing cases and finding their complexities. They find unique elements in cases and come up with arguments that can reduce the sentence of their client. Ultimately, their goal is to protect the rights of their clients and win the case.

Q: Do defense attorneys always believe their clients?

A: The job of a defense attorney is to defend their clients with solid legal arguments, even if they think their client is guilty. Therefore, they can begin the defense only if they believe their client is right.

Q: What are the basic duties of a defense attorney? 

A: A defense attorney files paperwork with the court, analyzes evidence, prepares witnesses, and defends clients in front of the jury. 


These 10 best criminal defense lawyers in Tampa won’t disappoint you with their incredible service. They have years of experience under their belt and have successfully defended hundreds of clients. They are great communicators too, so you are sure to be entertained quickly when you reach out to them. 

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