business blogging growth

When it comes to successful business blogging, there’s a couple of principles you need to keep in mind:

  1. Success is accumulated.
  2. 80% of of success is simply showing up.

Success is Accumulated

When you first start your business blog, expect your very first post to be your worst.  Your first post will have no viewers (equivalent to sound of crickets chirping).  And only your mother and closest friends will even click a link to your new post that you emailed to them.

But… before you give up due to the dismal results from your first blog post, you then need to be encouraged from the fact that success is accumulated.

This means you’ve taken the first step on the path to building a vibrant growing audience; to driving increased volume of high quality visitors to your website; and, you’ve taken the first and necessary step to building your brand.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ve set a divergent course for your business where you separate yourself from your competitors by doing something that very few others are willing to do.  

Most people are not willing to fail and do not see the point in “getting started”.  Most people are complacent and adverse to change.  Most of your competitors are set in their ways and not capable of seeing how persistent blogging will do any good.  But all of this plays in your favor, and contributes to accumulation of the success of your business blogging efforts.

Successful business blogging – and really any success in life – is achieved only through the accumulation of persistent effort.

80% of success is simply showing up

This is a quote by Woody Allen, and it picks up where the first statement I made leaves off.  I first said that “success is accumulated”, and your very first post will probably be your worst – but these outcomes are necessary.  In order to publish that first post, you had to first “show up” > start typing > then hit publish.  Irrespective of the outcome, the most critical step in this process is that you first showed up.  Already, you are setting a course to differentiate yourself and your business, which is another key step to your long term success.

Success and creation are always the result of an act.  And any act or action implies that you must first “do”, and then “re-do”, learn from the outcomes, iterate, fail again, and then re-do again.  Over and over…

And now the good news… up to this point, I may have actually discouraged you from starting your business blog.  But this is where the good stuff starts to kick in!

The accumulation of success, in this pattern, will be exponential.  Growth will be exponential.  Positive outcomes, scenarios, and situations will grow exponentially.  And your influence, leadership, and stature will likewise grow exponentially.

This is the nature of the law of exponential growth, and it’s a reality that surrounds us every day in every aspect of our lives, including the success of your business blog.  The law of exponential growth hides in plain sight – in our relationships, in our conversations throughout the day, in our decisions, and in time itself.

Relevant to successful business blogging, this all ties back to point that “success is accumulated”, and as Woody Allen said, “80% of success is simply showing up”.

So go ahead, conjure up the courage to just start.  Write that first post and hit just hit publish!