Safety and Security: 5 Ways to Be Up-To-Date and Stay Secure

Safety and Security July 23 2024

Crime is an all-American craze. 1.2 million violent crimes occurred in the United States in 2019. That means that two violent crimes occurred every minute in that year.

You need to pay attention to all threats to your safety and security. Your business could be attacked, and you could be assaulted. Thankfully, you can follow some simple ways to stay safe.

What should you do to prepare for security threats? What resources should you buy for your business? How can you respond to emergencies without getting yourself hurt?

Answer these questions and you can stay safe without a hassle. Here are five tips you should start following today.

1. Write a Security Plan

The more risks you can account for, the more ways you can stay safe. Before you start beefing up your physical security, talk to your work associates and think about the threats to your business and building.

Do some research on your area. Looking at crime statistics is one thing you should do, but you should think broadly.

Think about potential targets for crimes in your neighborhood, such as banks and shopping centers. A thief may rob the bank and then flee into your building. Evaluate steps you would take to respond to that particular situation.

Your biggest security risk may be losing your phone. Your phone can contain sensitive information about your business, and it can reveal where you live and who your family is. Avoid leaving confidential information on your device and install software so you can track your phone.

2. Hire Security Guards

Hiring security guards will give you around-the-clock protection. Guards can monitor blindspots like back alleys and back doors where intruders can wait or attack people.

Many institutions hire security guards who remain on the scene. But many people feel uncomfortable being near guards, and they may go to another business.

An alternative is to hire off-site security services. A team of experienced guards can monitor security camera feeds and contact the authorities whenever they see a threat.

Using off-site guards means that you need to install security cameras in and around your building. You should walk through your building and decide which places need cameras. Keep in mind that you cannot put cameras in areas where people expect privacy like bathrooms.

You should run your security plan by the guards you plan on hiring. Ask them for their input and be willing to make adjustments to your plan.

3. Conduct Drills

Everyone in your building should know what to do when an emergency happens. After you work with your staffers to draft a security plan, you should conduct an all-hands meeting and run the plan by everyone.

You should then schedule evacuation and fire drills at least once a quarter. Read a guide on how to conduct a workplace fire drill so you do it right. Your drills should occur without warning so you can replicate an actual emergency.

To help people evacuate the building, you should place exit signs and emergency lights at convenient locations. All exits should have exit signs over them, and these signs should be illuminated at all times. You can also place signs in hallways with arrows pointing to the nearest exits.

While the evacuation drill is going on, you should ask a few employees to assess how people are doing. If people are panicking or seem confused, you should conduct another meeting and go over safety tips.

Lockdown drills require employees to shelter in place in the event of an intruder. You should also hold lockdown drills at least once a quarter without warning.

4. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Being physically secure does not just mean securing your building. You need to take steps to secure yourself, especially when you are alone.

Before you walk out of your building to your car, you should place your keys in your hand. As you step out of the building, take a look around and see if anyone is near you. If anything seems amiss, head back inside and talk to someone about what you noticed.

Do not listen to music through earbuds while you are walking alone. Listen out for signs of trouble like footsteps behind you or a honking car horn.

You should also listen to your gut. Don’t go and help someone if you get a gut feeling that they are trying to trick you. If you do approach someone, take a look around you and find a way you can escape in the event of an emergency.

5. Respond to Threats Immediately

A security team monitoring cameras will call the authorities for you. They will also reach out to you and let you know what the situation is. Take the words of your security team seriously.

Even if you have on-site security, it will take time for guards to respond. An active shooter can fire dozens of bullets within a few seconds.

If you are in a room with an intruder, you should try to run away. Get out of their line of sight by staying low to the ground and putting objects between yourself and them. Find the nearest exit out of the building and escape.

If the intruder is in a different room, you can try to evacuate. But going into a hallway or staircase could make you an open target.

Consider hiding in the room you are in. Shut off the lights, draw the blinds, and place a barricade in front of the door. Crouch low to the ground and hide behind an object like a table.

You should fight back if the intruder enters. Throw something in their face and attack sensitive parts of their body like their groin.

Increase Your Safety and Security

You don’t have to break the bank promoting your safety and security. Think about the threats to you and your business. Then talk to your employees about what these threats look like.

Hire security guards and hang up signs in your building that direct people out. Run regular evacuation and lockdown drills.

You should always remain attentive to your surroundings. Do not hesitate when a threat presents itself. Try to evacuate, and be ready to fight back if you have to.

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