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Sperling Law Group, P.C.

Sperling Law Group, P.C.

Chamblee, GA 30341


Sperling Law Group, P.C.

Attorney Jean C. Sperling started his practice in the areas of criminal defense and deportation defense in 1999. He has represented thousands of clients aggressively.

Call us immediately if you are facing criminal charges. Pleading guilty to a criminal charge may not only affect your criminal record, but it may also affect your immigration status or your eligibility to file a petition with Immigration.

Attorney Sperling is widely known for cleaning the criminal record of hundreds of clients by reopening their cases or by modifying their sentences with the objective of avoiding immigration consequences. Mr. Sperling is a results-oriented Attorney, and he has been able to achieve a high level of success in his cases, which has not only been recognized by his clients, but by Judges and other Attorneys as well. Other clients and Attorneys who know the quality of his work refer over 90% of his cases.

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Sperling Law Group, P.C.
3175 Shallowford RD, NE
Chamblee, GA 30341
(770) 952-8000

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Sperling Law Group, P.C.

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