Speed Up / Make Faster:  Dell Dimension 3000 Desktop/PC

Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 3000

If you own a Dell Dimension 3000 and it’s moving slow and sluggish, then you know how frustrating it can be.  It’s time you took the steps to increase the speed of your Dell Dimension 3000 by upgrading the RAM (computer memory).  When you upgrade and maximize the RAM on your Dell Dimension 3000, you’ll see a dramatic increase in the speed and efficiency of your computer.

Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 3000

Dell Dimension 3000 Series RAM Specs:

Memory Type: DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200, DDR (non-ECC)
Maximum Memory: 2GB
Slots: 2
Each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.

In summary, this means your Dell Dimension 3000 series PC can hold a maximum of 2GB of memory and has 2 slots on the mother board of the computer than can hold a maximum of 1GB each (1GB stick each).

Buy RAM For Dell Dimension 3000

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