There’s a certain draw to people who are clearly comfortable with themselves, and there’s a beauty to discovering that you in fact are comfortable with yourself. I believe many people are searching for comfort and confidence within themselves, and it’s difficult to begin that journey. 

Our society conditions us to believe we must constantly be doing something with others. Social media allows us to craft the perfect image of our lives, friendships and social outings. It can be exhausting to feel like we’re missing out on life because our day-to-day life doesn’t look like a movie. 

I think most of us are smart enough to know that social media can be a false or glamorized portrayal of life, but it’s difficult to transition that head knowledge to an actual feeling and actionable state of being. How do we start living the lives we want to live instead of merely watching others enjoy life on social media? 

There’s probably many answers to this question, and it might look different for each person. However, I’ve found that one way I can live a happier, more fulfilling life, is to be comfortable being on my own. We won’t always have people around us to do things with at all times of the day. I realized I not only have to be OK with being on my own but also enjoy spending time with myself.  

This is not to say that you can’t spend time with other people, but set aside time to be on your own and explore who you are independently. It can be scary the first time you venture out for a solo date, but if you never push yourself out of your comfort zone, you might miss out on amazing experiences. 

Key things to remember when going on a solo date: 

  • If you’re feeling like people are looking at you weird for being alone in public, no one is paying as much attention to you as you think. 
  • If you feel slightly uncomfortable or nervous because you’ve never done a solo date, this is good. It’s pushing you outside of your comfort zone. 
  • Your solo date activities should be fun and enjoyable to you. There’s no set rules for what the day should look like. 
  • Be present in the moment. This date should be about enjoying the time with yourself. 

Now, let’s discuss some fun solo date ideas that you can try. 

Go to a coffee shop to read, write, or draw

This is a great first solo date option. Go to a cafe, get some coffee, sit down, and do an activity you enjoy. This could be reading a book, writing a story or working on some art. 

Go to a pop-up event or market

You can find pop-up events by joining Facebook Groups or following local artists and businesses on social media. In the Athens area, you can go to the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday or you can go to the Vintage Pop-Up Market every first Saturday and Sunday of the month. 

Go to a museum or art gallery

Many local museums have art shows you can attend. Make a day of it and spend time walking around and learning something new. 

Do a self-care pampering night

Not every solo date has to be an outing. You can stay in and pamper yourself. Take a nice bath, do your skincare routine, and relax. This time is for yourself, and sometimes you just need a break. 

Go to a movie theater 

If there’s a movie you want to see, schedule time to go watch it by yourself. You can buy popcorn and a soda and enjoy the experience of watching a movie on the big screen. 

Take a cooking class

If you’re bored of the meals you cook and want to learn more, consider taking a cooking class.

Go on a nature walk

Being in nature and exploring on your own can be adventurous. You can bring headphones to listen to music or a podcast, or you can simply walk in silence with your thoughts. Either option is a good way to spend time with yourself. 

There are plenty of other solo dates you can try, but here is a list of options if you don’t know where to start. You can start small and then try more adventurous activities. If you’re bored and want something to do or simply want to spend more intentional time with yourself, try some of these solo dates!