The Secret Sauce to Local Business Blogging Success

A successful business blogging strategy is one that leverages content, in the form of blog posts, as a way to drive inbound traffic to a website.  The purpose of driving traffic to your website is to increase your brand exposure and ultimately [...]

3 Tips To Small Business Blogging Success

In order for a small business to connect with their audience, build traffic to their website, and generate new business, their small business blog must be "searchable", "scanable", and "consumable". #1) Searchable The #1 traffic source to my blog, and all of [...]

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Successful Business Blogging Is About Accumulating Success Over Time

When it comes to successful business blogging, there's a couple of principles you need to keep in mind: Success is accumulated. 80% of of success is simply showing up. Success is Accumulated When you first start your business blog, expect your very first post [...]

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The #1 SEO Mistake Website Owners & Bloggers Are Still Making

Produce authentic, original content that provides value to your visitors, or else you may find yourself disappearing completely from the top search results in Google! Back on May 20th, Google Engineer Matt Cutts announced that their latest algorithm update called Panda 4.0 was [...]

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The Five W’s To Highly Effective Small Business Blogging & SEO Content Writing

There's a very simple strategy to follow when it comes to running a highly productive small business blog.  This same strategy can be used for producing content that ranks well in Google as well.  The strategy is nothing more than producing informative content [...]

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