small business blogging tips

In order for a small business to connect with their audience, build traffic to their website, and generate new business, their small business blog must be “searchable”, “scanable”, and “consumable”.

#1) Searchable

The #1 traffic source to my blog, and all of client’s websites, is Google search.  There is no question that search engines, such as Google, are the most important factor to driving to inbound traffic to your website and blog.

And because of this, I strongly recommend you write your blog posts with a title that’s keyword targeted.

For example, if I’m a DUI attorney in Chicago, and I’m writing a blog post that’s answering the top 3 questions someone might have upon being arrested for a DUI, I would start out by writing a few different titles, just to give myself some different options to chose from.  But every title would include the keyword phrase “DUI in Chicago”!

Here’s what the three titles might look like in this scenario:

Title option #1:  ‘3 Questions You Might Have If You Got A DUI in Chicago?”

Title option #2:  ‘Were You Arrested For A DUI in Chicago?  Here are 3 Things You Must Know”

Title option #3:  ‘The 3 Things You Might Not Know About Chicago DUI Law’

Which title you go with will be up to you, and you’ll know best based on your particular area of expertise.

But the most important thing is that the keyword phrase “DUI in Chicago” be included in your title.  This is how you you’ll compete in Google when people in Chicago are searching for “DUI” related content, or if they are searching straight up for a ‘DUI attorney in Chicago’.

#2)  Scanable

Now that you’ve written your title, it’s time to start writing the blog post itself.  It’s important to remember is that people have a very short attention span, especially when it comes to consuming content on the web.

Because of this, I recommend you make your content scanable.

One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is to write numbered or ‘step process’ oriented blog posts.

The blog post you reading right now is a great example of what I’m talking about.  I’m simply listing out 3 easy to read, easy to consume steps about how to succeed with your small business blog.

This helps your readers easily consume your content while benefiting from the information you are attempting to share.

Plus, when you make your blog posts easy to read and consume, your visitors are going to have a much better experience on your blog, which will encourage them to keep coming back to your blog to consume more of your content.

For a small business, this repeat traffic is gold because it’s helping you differientate your business, and helping you become the authority with your particular product or service.

#3)  Consumable

Finally, in order to experience the most success from your small business blog, you want to make your content consumable.

You’ve probably read somewhere that in order to succeed in Google, you have to write content that’s at least 2,000 words in length.

I say that’s rubbish…

And as someone who’s running a small business blog, and trying to teach others to do the same, I want to strongly recommend NOT following this strategy and here’s why:

  1. People have very short attention spans – if someone comes to your blog and sees 2,000 words, more than likely they’ll be immediately turned off simply from the time committment it’s going to take to read your content.
  2. If you are writing 2,000 word blog posts for your small business, more than likely you can take that content and create 3 or 4 separate blog posts, helping you create more activity on your blog and giving you more content to share via social media.
  3. You are a busy small business owner and you simply don’t have the time!  If you are trying to write 2,000 word blog posts, then you’ll eventually become discouraged with the process and eventually stop altogether… trust me, I’ve seen this in my own business and with many other small business owners who attempt go down this same path.

So force yourself to keep you content short, say around 400 – 500 words in length.  I’ve found this will help you produce much higher quality content that adds value to your visitors.

I hope these steps help you experience more success with your small business blog.  Let me just boil these 3 steps down for you so you can start implementing these right away in your blog:

  1. Write titles that are keyword focused.
  2. Write numbered lists, or ‘step-by-step’ oriented blog posts.
  3. Keep it short and too the point.