Bipper Media is a full service SEO & website development agency that’s been providing superior results to clients since 2003.

SEO & Local SEO Expertise

Bipper Media delivers world class SEO services to clients large and small. Our attention to detail is unmatched in the SEO industry, and over the years we’ve refined our SEO techniques to deliver top rankings for clients in some of the most competitive markets in the world.

You can view a sample of our clients and their keyword rankings by viewing a keyword ranking list here.

Here are just a few of the ways we help our clients succeed:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

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From our largest corporate clients, to our smallest local business clients, one thing has remained consistent for nearly 10 years and running, which is the majority of traffic to a website is getting there via search engines.  Search engine traffic is, in most cases, the life-blood to growth for any business.  As such, one of our most focused areas of consulting, research and development, and implementation revolves around SEO… otherwise known as search engine optimization.  Clients large and small come to us to get more traffic and rankings in Google for some of the most competitive markets on the web.

Content Optimization & Social Media Distribution 

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Any business that desires higher rankings in Google, more search traffic, and a stronger brand in their market, must implement an effective business blogging strategy.  And Bipper Media is a global leader in providing full service blogging solutions for clients.  From news writers and researchers, to publishers who optimize the blog content, we provide cutting edge blogging solutions that will quickly elevate your brand above your competition.  Along with writing and publishing high quality blog posts for clients, we distribute every blog post across all of our client’s social media profiles.  Social media exposure will not only drive growth in brand awareness and inbound traffic to your website, but it sends high quality “social signals” to Google that indicates your business is alive and active in the social media space.  And the increase in social signals directly contributes to higher rankings in Google search.  The combination of high quality blog posts, increased traffic and rankings from Google, and large scale content distribution through social media, combines to deliver exponential growth for our client’s business.

Website Design 

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WordPress has always been our platform of choice for website design.  One thing our clients appreciate more than anything is the ability for their in-house staff to login and quickly make updates to their website on the fly, which WordPress facilitates with ease.  We specialize in everything from custom WordPress designs to WordPress programming and hosting.  We focus on building fast, clean, modern, mobile friendly websites that are built to convert visitors into new leads and customers for our clients.  If your visitors aren’t staying on your website and becoming a new customer for your business, then your website design is ineffective, and in need of some expertise.  That’s where Bipper Media can help your business succeed through effective website design.

Here are just a few of our recent website designs for clients (click to see enlarged image):

Mobile First Strategy 

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Back in May of 2015, Google announced that more people are searching from mobile phones than desktop computers.  We always knew mobile phones were going to be huge, but Google confirmed our suspicion when they made that announcement.  For the majority of our clients, their analytics also shows the majority of their website traffic comes from mobile devices.  As such, everything we do here at Bipper Media focuses heavily on mobile.  From website design, to SEO, to social media marketing… we ensure our clients approach all of it with a “mobile first” strategy.

Here are a few of the mobile sites that align with the client websites above (click to see enlarged image):

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