Should You Hire a Website Designer for a Small Business

May 25 2024

About 38% of your website visitors will stop interacting if your site is poorly designed. As they leave, your website bounce rate will rise, hurting your organic search engine rankings. Future customers might struggle to find you online as a result. 

Another 38.5% will judge your site at a glance, impacting your brand’s credibility. Before that happens, hire a website designer for small business success. With their help, you can make a strong first impression and turn your site into a marketing machine.

On the fence? Read on to discover why you should hire a small business website design company today. 

Appeal to Your Audience

Many website designers understand the importance of personalizing websites with a specific target audience in mind. Personalization can help you appeal to your ideal customers based on their needs or pain points. 

An experienced designer will take the time to gather audience research before working on your site. They’ll create a site that appeals to your customers to draw them in. 

Otherwise, consumers might think you don’t understand or care about their concerns. 

Improve the User Experience

About 88% of online shoppers won’t return to your website after a bad user experience (UX). Bad mobile optimization bothers 48% of users, too. Meanwhile, 70% of online businesses fail due to bad usability.

Despite these statistics, only 55% of companies bother to conduct any form of UX testing.

Remember, a negative UX can hurt your organic search engine rankings. Lower rankings will impact your ability to generate brand awareness, recognition, and website traffic. Instead of frustrating visitors, hire a website designer to improve your site’s UX.

An experienced website designer can apply Google’s Core Web Vitals to ensure your site is:

  • Fast
  • Mobile-optimized
  • User-friendly
  • Secure

The Core Web Vitals are ranking factors that prioritize offering a positive UX. Visitors will have an easier time interacting with your site. They’ll have an easier time converting as well.

Improving your website UX can boost your website’s dwell times, which can benefit your search engine rankings.

Meanwhile, you can leave a strong first impression on anyone who visits your site. A negative UX, on the other hand, can leave a bad taste in the consumer’s mouth. They might decide they can’t trust you with their business.

They might even tell friends about their negative experience with your brand, which could hurt your reputation. You might struggle to generate website traffic, leads, and sales in the future if you’re neglecting the UX.

With help from an experienced website design agency, you can make sure your site functions at its best.

New web design and development trends will emerge throughout the year. If your site falls behind, consumers could take notice. They might think you’re behind the times.

If they think you’re falling behind, they might turn to a business that appears up and coming or in the know instead. 

Working with a website designer for small business websites can help you keep up with trends. You could even get ahead of competing brands. You’ll have an easier time standing out within your niche as a result. 

Stronger SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website rank at the top of Google search pages for relevant searches. Higher rankings can help you generate awareness, traffic, leads, and sales. Since SEO is a cost-effective, organic marketing strategy, your ROI will improve, too.

Your small business website plays a big part in your SEO strategy.

For example, Google uses mobile-first indexing to determine organic rankings. It will look at the mobile version of your site before crawling and indexing your content. If your site isn’t mobile-optimized, your organic rankings will drop.

If your site doesn’t appear on the first page for a search, consumers might never find your business. 

An experienced website designer can improve your website’s design with SEO in mind.

For example, if there are too many elements on the page, your site will lag, hurting the UX. Your designer might recommend minimalistic design trends that align with Google’s Core Web Vitals. Their recommendations could benefit your rankings.

Work with an agency that understands SEO for small businesses to set yourself up for success. 

Build Brand Authority

Design has a 75% influence on your website’s credibility. Without credibility, brand trust won’t grow. If consumers feel they can’t trust your brand, they’ll leave your site.

Your bounce rate will increase, causing your search engine rankings to drop.

With quality small business website design, you can show consumers you’re worthy of their trust. They’ll begin to recognize your credibility and authority in the industry. If they feel like they can trust you, they might convert from a visitor into a lead or sale.

You could even become an industry thought leader or go-to resource in time. 

High-quality website design could even help your small business look like a big corporation. Consumers might have an easier time trusting your brand if you don’t look like an inexperienced start-up.

Leverage Experience and Expertise

If you lack experience creating, designing, and optimizing small business websites, the task can feel daunting. Working with an experienced website designer gives you the chance to leverage their experience and expertise. They can help you make informed design decisions. 

Leveraging their experience can also help you avoid making costly mistakes. Otherwise, your website might not appeal to customers. You could unintentionally offer a negative UX, too.

Optimize for Conversions

Your website designer can help you optimize your site for conversions.

They can create multiple lead-generation opportunities across your site. With help, your website will become the backbone of your digital marketing strategy.

Optimizing your website for lead generation will set your business up to grow long-term.

Hire a Website Designer for Small Business Success Today

Working with a website designer for small business sites can help your business in the long run. With their help, you can turn your website into a lead-generating machine. You can impress customers before turning them into leads and sales, too. 

Start working with a website designer to experience these benefits firsthand!

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