7 of 2023’s Top Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends May 25 2024

People don’t need much time before they decide what they think of you. In fact, science has already given us a concrete number on how long it takes to form a first impression. That number is seven seconds.

In a similar vein, customers will start to form a first impression of you the second they enter your company website. Poorly implemented features like bad UX design could have a strong impact on how they perceive your company going forward. Websites that fail to keep up with web design trends likewise may struggle to make the customers care.

So in this guide, we are here to help you avoid that. Make your website the best it can be in 2023. Let’s discuss seven web design trends that you need to be on the lookout for.

Most are well aware that it’s a bad idea to stare at your screen all day. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to walk away from our computers and still get work done. So, we need a happy compromise: dark mode.

Dark mode is amazing, to say the least. It gives a website a sleek, sexy look that you just can’t get with bright colors. It feels more comfortable, as if you’re curling up with a good book in the evening.

Dark mode makes it a lot easier on the eyes when you have other no choice than to stare at screens all day. Unfortunately, most websites don’t implement any form of dark mode. This forces users to use secondary browser apps to change the color palette– often with less than satisfying results.

Be different from your competition, and include a native dark mode. This means your website recognizes the user’s color settings from their browser or computer. Or, at least offer them the option to switch dark mode on and off.

Needless to say, with so few websites adopting dark mode, you will stand out if you make this small change!

2. Adaptive Color Palette

While we’re on the topic of colors, you want more than just your dark mode to adapt to the user! Many phones and computers these days feature dynamic backgrounds. Throughout the day, or in response to user activity, the colors shift.

This makes the website feel very different depending on when or how you visit. The result is often a much more context-dependent color scheme rather than a boilerplate one for everybody. You can match this color scheme to times of the day, seasons, or in relation to the user.

These color palettes use AI and machine learning to adapt the colors within a range that you choose. It makes every visit to your website unique. It’s one of those small details that customers won’t fail to notice.

In addition to this, it’s a great way to establish brand awareness. A key component of brand awareness is a cohesive visual aesthetic that your customers can see across platforms.

3. Have a Dedicated Mobile Website

This may come as a shock to some, given that just about every major website has a mobile version. But even now in 2023, many small businesses have a desktop-only version. This makes it quite infuriating to operate a website from a small mobile screen.

Mobile websites have a smaller form factor, allowing people to access them on even the smallest mobile screens. Your website detects when traffic comes from a mobile device, and automatically switches.

When making a mobile website though, don’t make it less useful than the normal website. It can be frustrating to users if certain features are not available when they are browsing on their phones. Ensure that both versions are cohesive in this regard.

4. Unique Fonts

Text-based websites have seen a revival in recent years. These websites are very minimalistic and remind us of the early days of the Internet when websites tended to have a spartan aesthetic.

Try using new types of fonts, with the help of Google Fonts or other third-party font services. These fonts can make your website really pop when people first see it. However, consult with your design lead to ensure that any new font additions match well with the current design aesthetic.

5. Make the Switch to SVG

Never heard of SVG before? That’s likely the case because it is only begun to gain traction in recent years. For many years, PNG was the king of website design.

While PNG is a very versatile and useful file format, it doesn’t compare to SVG in terms of website design. SVG’s main benefit is that it scales without losing any quality while also having a transparent background.

6. Streamline How Quickly Your Website Loads

People don’t like to wait, especially for a website that takes several long seconds to load. Long load times are the result of many factors, the number one being websites choked with high-quality graphics. While your website may look spick-and-span, the slow load times can do serious damage to your SEO.

One of the most important factors in good SEO is loading time. If a page is not responsive or grinds to a stop between sub-pages, you have an issue. Find ways to reduce loading times to improve SEO and give your users an enjoyable experience.

7. Don’t Sacrifice Usability for Beautiful Design

Think of the last time you visit a website and struggled to find the menu. Sometimes, these gorgeous websites really drop the ball when it comes to making it easy to get to where you need to go.

In an effort to create unique and thrilling website designs, designers may place menu access options or other buttons in uncommon places. This forces the user to hunt around for the thing they’re looking for. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the website is, this destroys the main purpose of the website: providing the user with what they need.

While you should absolutely have a beautiful UX, don’t make the mistake of complicating what should be a one-click experience. 

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