2022 Winter Storm is Impacting Holiday Travel Plans; Georgia Declares a State of Emergency

Image obtained from Axios: Data: NOAA; Chart: Erin Davis/Axios

It looks like it might be a white Christmas this year, but this is not what people imagined it would look like as kids. The National Weather Service is calling this storm a “once in a generation type of event.” Many states are under a state of emergency, and airlines are canceling flights scheduled between Dec. 24–26. 

What Does This Weather Look Like?

Obtained from The New York Times: Sources: PRISM Climate Group at Oregon State University (daily average minimum temperatures for 1991-2020); National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (daily forecast minimum temperatures)By Zach Levitt

The cold weather will reach just about every state as a gust of wind blows down from the arctic. Many states will experience negative double digits and will be at risk for life-threatening wind chills and temperatures 40 degrees below the average number. 

According to the National Weather Service, these below freezing temperatures will extend into the Mid-Atlantic, the Northeast and the Gulf Coast. In the Midwest states, freezing winds and snow could produce blizzard conditions. 

Georgia Declares a State of Emergency 

Georgia is one of many states who declared a state of emergency. Gov. Brian Kemp stated that projected precipitation and extremely low temperatures beginning the evening of Dec. 22 through Dec. 26 presents the possibility of black ice. This black ice threat is dangerous to Georgia drivers, and the state cautions citizens to remain safe and limit travel during this time.  

This statement also declares that the state will begin filling brine trucks to release salt brine to prevent ice and snow from sticking to the roads. These trucks will reach every state road and interstate. 

In a news conference on Wednesday, Kemp said, “Temperatures as we know it likely won’t reach 40 degrees across Georgia until Monday afternoon.”

Georgians can expect below freezing temperatures throughout the weekend, and any rain that’s on the roads will most likely be frozen by Friday morning. 

Flight Cancellations and Delays

For those traveling this holiday weekend, it’s advised to pay attention to specific flights and departures to ensure your flight hasn’t been canceled or delayed. As of Thursday, around 1,400 flights have been canceled and over 4,000 flights have been delayed. 

According to CNBC, this holiday weekend is expected to be busier than Thanksgiving weekend with the amount of flights going in and out of the United States. Airlines expect Jan. 2 to be the busiest flight day since before the pandemic started. 

If you’re traveling this weekend, check your airline’s cancelation policy, weather advisories and rebooking information. Depending on where flights are coming in from and going out to, some flights might not be canceled or delayed. It’s best to check in with your specific airline. 

One other important thing to note is that if your flight is canceled, you are entitled to a full refund if you ask for it. If you can’t travel this holiday weekend due to a canceled flight, be sure to know your rights. 

What to Do in This Winter Storm

This storm will bring record low temperatures and the possibility of a blizzard, and it’s important to remain safe during this time. Be sure to turn your faucets on and allow them to drip so your pipes don’t burst. Avoid going on the roads if you can, and remain extra cautious if you do. 

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