One of the most overlooked SEO strategies in Google search is SEO en Español.  

With just over 17% of the population in the U.S., the hispanic latino market represents a substantial opportunity for businesses to reach new customers who are actively searching in Google.

But from our experience, the default SEO strategy for most companies is to publish content in english only, and then rely on Google translate, or specified language settings in the browser, to handle the rest.

The problem with this strategy is that Google Translate for Spanish, or any language for that matter, is still a long way off from what Spanish speaking consumers would consider “high quality” translations.

Having high quality content that’s originally written in Spanish can quickly set your website above the competition, as the majority of websites default to relying on Google Translate.

But with native content, your SEO strategy for Spanish speaking consumers can big dividends as your content would be seen as “high quality”, and in turn compete for the top Spanish search results in Google.

Here’s an example of a high volume search phrase where Google gives preferences to the Spanish language:  abogado atlanta (lawyer in atlanta)

SEO en Español - How to Reach the Hispanic Market in Google Search

Notice how the top local search results in Atlanta appear to be Spanish speaking law firms.

This is by accident!

And this is where SEO en Español can pay huge dividends to businesses who recognize the powerful influence of native Spanish searches.

Compare this to the english version of “lawyers in atlanta”

SEO en Español - How to Reach the Hispanic Market in Google Search

Notice how the english version produces complete different search results?

SEO Strategy for Reaching The Latino Market

One of the simplest SEO strategies for reaching the Latino market is to simply publish your top tier (most profitable / most targeted) pages in Spanish.  This means finding a writer who speaks Spanish hiring them to rewrite all of your in Spanish.

When publishing your pages in Spanish, it’s critically important to not overlook the core principles of site structuring in SEO.  Optimizing your meta data such as titles, descriptions, and image alt tags in native Spanish will be critically important for those pages to rank in Google.

Likewise, publishing a lot of high quality, informative content (we recommend 2,500 words minimum) in Spanish will also help your pages quality build the domain authority they need to rank.

What are some other SEO en Español strategies or recommendations you would have?

I look forward to your comments below!

If you would like to learn more about SEO strategies for your Latino or Hispanic clients, we at Bipper pride ourselves in having a diverse staff that works in reaching the multicultural population, so contact us today and we look forward to speaking with you!