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Sensory Play for Babies Using Water and Glycerin

Sensory play is a great way to keep babies engaged while also stimulating brain activity. When considering sensory play for your child, using water and glycerine may not come to mind. However, there are many exciting and fun activities you can create with these two ingredients. This article will discuss two sensory play activities that you can let your baby play with featuring water and glycerine. They are sensory play bottles and sensory moon sand. 

How to Create a Sensory Play Bottle

A sensory play bottle is a bottle filled with ingredients to grab the attention of your baby and spark creativity. It can also be a great way to keep your child calm and help prevent them from crying. When your baby shakes and moves the bottle, their motor skills can be strengthened. Additionally, their focus on the bottle will help improve their ability to concentrate. There are many ways to create a sensory bottle and a lot of different ingredients you can add. Some fun items you can add are glitter or small toys that can float around. 

How to Make a Sensory Bottle for Your Baby: 

  • Water
  • 8 oz. of glycerin
  • A Clear Water Bottle (be sure to remove any labels) 
  • A Funnel
  • Glue (for sealing the bottle closed to prevent it from being opened by your kids)

Optional Items You Can Add to Your Sensory Bottle: 

  • Glitter 
  • Small Floating Toys
  • Disc-Shaped Sequins 
  • Plastic Jewels 
  • Plastic Letters or Numbers 
  • Food Colouring 

The whole bottle should contain around 75% water and 35% glycerin. However, you can adjust the amount slightly using your judgement. If you are adding glitter, the glycerine will cause the glitter to float around for a minute or two before falling to the bottom of the bottle or jar. 

When it comes to deciding what optional items you would like to add, have fun with it and make it unique. Add fun colours or jewels that you think your baby will enjoy playing with. One great benefit to using plastic letters or numbers is that they can add a learning aspect to the sensory play bottle. Additionally, adding food colouring or glitter, can strengthen your child’s understanding of colours! 

When your bottle is customised and ready, add glue to the top, securing it tightly to the jar. That way, your kids won’t be able to open it and leave a mess on the floor.

How to Create a Sensory Moon Sand Pit

Making a sensory moon sand pit can help improve your babies motor skills and their hand-eye coordination. It is also great for keeping them active and energetic. 

If you want to make a sensory moon sand pit for your child, here are the ingredients that you’ll need:

  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 2 Teaspoons of Glycerin (to help it shine)
  • 6 Cups of Sand
  • 1 Cup of Vegetable Oil
  • 3 Cups of Corn Flour (with gluten so it binds)

Add all of your ingredients into a large container or tray for mixing. To engage your child, you can have them help you mix all the ingredients together. 

When it’s ready, find a large tray to put the moon sand in, this will act as your pit. Fior additional fun, you can add small toys or plastic cookie cutters in the sand for your child to play with. 


Sensory play activities can be a great way for your kids to enjoy play while learning important new skills. To engage your child, try out these different options of sensory play using water and glycerin. 

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