One of the best ways to sell more from your small business blog is through the use of video content.

video sells small business bloggingVideo has proven, time and again, to be a more compelling source of content for visitors.  Primarily, video helps your visitors do less while consuming more.

Think of it like this, if you compare two types of web pages where one has about 500 words of text and the other has a video at the top of the page followed by some text, what web page do you think is going to be more engaging?

Even if your video is only 30 seconds long, people are going to hit play and more than likely sit and watch your video content for those 30 seconds.

If your web page is nothing but text, then statistics show that the visitor to your web page are going to last around 10 seconds or less.  If the visitor did end up reading your text for more than 30 seconds, then you are part of the higher echelon of copy writers and this article probably isn’t relevant to you anyway.

But most of us don’t make up that higher echelon of copy writers, so we need something else to help make our webpages more compelling and engaging.

And video content is a great way to make achieve this.

What types of video works well for small business blog?

There a few types of video strategies that I’ve seen work really well for a small business blog.

Create a slideshow video

Creating a slide show and putting background music to the presentation is a simple way to add video to your webpages.  The slides could consist of content that walks through a step by step tutorial, or they could simply present information in an organized sequence.

For a lot of our clients, we use Animoto to create these types of videos for their land pages.  You can see an example of this for one of our DUI attorney clients here.

Create a screenshot webinar video

Creating screenshot videos where you are talking, but you are taking a screenshot of the slide show.  This is the strategy that a lot of webinars utilize and it works great for engaging your visitors.

People love to be taught how to do things, and creating screenshot presentations is a great way to do this.

You can see an example of this by watching my recent video authorship presentation.

Create presentation type video

Finally, taking video of yourself talking or teaching.  I love the Whiteboard Friday’s by Moz where they release a video every Friday walking you through a particular topic.

So these are just three examples of video content that can work really well for your small business blog.

Video will help you and your webpages be more engaging, and will help you connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Plus, now that Google has removed their ‘Google Authorship’ integration of allowing small profile pictures to appear in the search results, video content is now one of the only ways to achieve any form of branded exposure in Google search.

You can read more about video authorship here.